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Info on people to ride with? (Cockburn/Fremantle area)

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by 3kul94, Sep 8, 2015.

  1. Hey there guys, so I have made a couple posts about my recently acquired ZZR250, which is great now I need to ride it and get my R-E License.

    Currently I hold a R-E Learners permit, but no one with a license for me to tag along with,

    I was wondering if there were any motorbike groups around that area above or even some members on here with their full class license I could ride with?

    What is the best way to gain experience aside from taking $70 lessons everytime I want to ride it lol...? any information would be much appreciated lads, thanks in advance,

  2. that's a crap restriction you guys have
    good luck with it
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  3. Cockburn sounds like my kind of place
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  4. How does your restriction work?
  5. Hey @3kul98,

    I've just moved to Melbourne FROM the Cockburn area myself. Over in Victoria (not sure about the other states) you can ride by yourself on your L plates - the restriction being normal LAMS bikes and you have to go for your R class test within 13 months I believe.

    As well, there's no R-E/R distinction here - you just get the LAMS restriction for the first 3 years of your R class license, and then you're automatically granted your open-class R, instead of having to be retested for it like in WA. I was lucky and did 3 years of my R-E in WA and moved over a few months later, got an automatic upgrade to my open R here, although the bike I ride/love is still a LAMS class.

    With regards to people to ride with, I'd actually recommend joining the PerthStreetBikes forum. It started to die off somewhat, but they're trying to reinject some life into the old girl and bring it back to it's former glory. There's a sticky thread somewhere for looking for Shadows, but as always - make sure you search first before posting your question. That said, better community here at NetRider currently, and a much better site/forum, but PSB is good for very local-specific content. Keep an eye out for frenchie on the forums (and in real life) - he rides a hotted up Z1000 or a KTM390 as his daily and is a good friend of mine, as well as organising frequent social rides and will probably help you out with getting a shadow to/from your area.

    Happy rides!
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  6. PSB used to do regular rides round there.... used to get 50-60 bikes or more.

    technically i think they were learner rides, but since every learner needs a shadow, that doesn't mean much.
  7. Still happens weekly. Check out Perthstreetbikes.com 'In the loop' thread.
    You'll want to be up to snuff on unfamiliar roads in the dark, and OK with
    being passed at warp speed by overstimulated exhibitionists on sports bikes,
    but the organization and stewardship is top rate.

    You'll meet some good people who can offer advice and encouragement,
    and maybe some kind soul who's local to you and who may offer to shadow.
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  8. oh if only i was lucky enough to have those regulations here, in a way I see why they do it, but at the same time how are people suppose to get the license going if they need to be shadowed 24/7, I've had my 'C' class license for like 4 years you'd think that would be enough to just ride around with L plates up on a bike, only thing that shits me is you can ride a 50cc scooter on your 'C' class license but not a motorbike.... the principle is the same its just a stuff around. BUT in light of that I'll check out perth street bikes and see what I can suss out there, I appreciate it man, been looking day n night for a shadow lol.... with lessons at $70's an hour its a bit expensive especially because I am still an apprentice.. lol cheers again man!
  9. Sweet its good to know there are communities such as this out here so noobs like myself can find out info and what no cheers for the post mate ill check it out now!
  10. 50 - 60 bikes? thats massive! I hope thats still the case now lol!
  11. that used to be a slow night.... it's a great scene over there, and cause of the whole shadow thing you get some great (non learner) guys and gals coming along to share their experience and a few laughs. Corner marking is an eye opener (thats generally who will be overtaking) and we used to get stunters and stuff along so it was a pretty good mix....
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  12. thats heaps good to hear, im like a sponge for information and what not, I love learning new things, especially when it comes to something new for me such as bike riding! Iv'e made a post there, and checked out a few bits and pieces seems good so far!