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VIC Info on MotoGP 2014

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by brent88, Apr 20, 2014.

  1. Hi, my girlfriend and I are going to Phillip Island this year for the MotoGP and we're wondering a few things as the site does not explain that much. http://motogp.com.au/event/motogp

    What is on each of the 3 days? Practice Friday qualifying Saturday and race on Sunday? would that be moto Gp,2, and 3 all on race day which I presume is Sunday?

    Is general admission alright? can we choose where to stand? is there good places and can we get close?

    Thinking of driving a car there and have heard traffic is pretty heavy, is this the case and would I be able to drive back to Melbourne straight after the race or should I wait?

    Thank you.

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  3. Thank you Mike, we will probably just go on the Sunday and get general admission and just drive. Hopefully it is as interesting as least years race at Phillip island ha ha.
  4. Traffic getting off the island has been really reasonable since number 27 hung up the leathers. Last year I dont think traffic came to a complete stop once. Was past San Remo in under half an hour.
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  5. General admission tickets are very good you can walk around the track and pick your spot .great views .
    My opinion only but I think the grandstand tickets are very over priced . Don't forget your wet wether gear and sun screen :)
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  6. Thanks everyone. When should I purchase the tickets? Any advantages to be had if I buy them now or should I leave it later in case plans change?
  7. GA you can leave till the weekend so long as you don't mind queuing at the ticket offices before entering the track. Grandstand seats you'll need to book in advance .
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  8. Getting off the island was fine last year as Daz said. Stick with GA tickets as you can get anywhere u like as long as you are early enough. Take enough clothes for 4 seasons of weather too. It can go from shorts and thongs to gumboots and raincoats stupidly quick.
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  9. And above all else try and have a mate who gives you free tickets each year eh Jase ;-)
  10. The fence line gets crowded, you'll need someone to hold your spot if you want to walk around leading up to the main races and qualifying.
  11. Would there be *any* accommodation at all left by this point, or is the only option camping?
  12. ^^^ jump on to the usual PI accommodation websites you will find something but you'll pay top $$$ for GP weekend . Cheaper to camp .
  13. We got a holiday house at Inverloch (50km from the GP front gate) if your interested, 500 metre walk to the beach, sleeps 10.