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Info on Mito 125 needed

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by TRUBLSOM, Mar 12, 2005.

  1. Im a newb to the bike world and am thinking about a cagiva mito 125 as my first bike. Just wondering if anyone has had any experience with these two strokers and can tell me if they are the way to go for a first bike? :D

  2. I'm picking up a Planet for my sister on Wednesday. It's essentially a naked Mito - I think they're now calling them a Raptor 125.

    When I've taken it for a spin I'll post a review...

  3. I've just discovered this bike. Apparently Cagiva owns Ducati? :?:

    Well, I've been looking at the Mito 125's cause I think they are sexy.

    Can anyone share with us how they ride, feel etc?
  4. oh yeah, I've been told that they are 6-speed but I've also read a few times that they are 7-speed :eek:

    What's the deal :?:
  5. I think they started as a 6 then moved on to a 7 in later years.
  6. The original Mito was a 7 speed but the Evolution (916 lookalike) is a 6 speed.
  7. Sorry I'm a bit short on time - yeah I know I have a review pending... :oops:

    In the meantime you might find this site interesting: http://www.125ccsportsbikes.com/forums/index.php?showforum=8
  8. Thanks bud. Let us know when the review is done!!!
  9. I have the ‘other’ Cagiva 125. I removed the Planet stickers so now it is just a naked Mito in my mind! I had difficulty riding around on a bike with stickers down the side that read ‘PLANET’?!

    I haven’t ridden too many other bikes, just a CB250, VTR250 and some Ag and Trail bikes, so I am probably not the best person to post any kind of comprehensive review. What I can say in my limited experience is that the VTR (and C8) was certainly more forgiving and far less temperamental. For example neutral was found every time without any worry; my bike occasionally likes to jump out of neutral just to make life interesting when you release the clutch or sometimes it is simply difficult to find. I also found I didn’t have to worry as much about what gear I was in and found I was shifting a lot less than on my Cagiva. I also seemed to be using the brakes a lot less I guess due to the engine braking. However, I feel they were less responsive than the 'Planet'.

    All that said, I like my cars/bikes to have a bit of character and be a little different, and my bike definitely seems to be that. I also think in the long run it may make me a better rider as I think it seems to require a little bit more concentration and thought. And there is also the added bonus of an endless supply of Eau de Two Stroke.