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Info on HD road king

Discussion in 'Cruisers' at netrider.net.au started by Antiwarclan, Jun 24, 2011.

  1. Hi All,

    Hope you guys have a good day bcos today is FRIDAY!!!

    I have started riding 6 mths ago and enjoying every bits of it. As I am a fan of HD road king so anyone out there owned it or been on it before please share your experience! I was wondering whether it is easy to ride given my weight is 79KG and height is 5"10. Is it heavier than other cruisers? Just wanna know more bout it as I am saving up for one..

    By the way, have a good weekend everyone. Thanks for sharing your experience or view.
  2. Am saving for one myself currently.

    They are pretty heavy at over 300kg

    But who cares...?

    If you're buying a RK you're not doing it for speed or hanging off on the spurs...it's comfort

    (and to look like a badass biker mofo of course..... :) )

    Go and sit on a few and see if the riding position suits you

    Also google the various HD forums around...plenty of opinion and reviews out there

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  3. Hi Cougs,

    Thanks for the input! Havent got the time to test drive it yet but will do so. Thanks and have a good day.
  4. Road kings handle surprisingly well.
  5. ..and they look tough as well! :D

  6. Oh yeah, sure that RK looks tough. For me it is the best bike!