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Info on CBR400RR please

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Mofo2007, May 6, 2007.

  1. I cant seem any info about these bikes here.
    Are these hard to come by? Are they L/P legal?
    Reason why Im asking is that I want something that Id have for a while without having to upgrade.
    I dont think ill be buying a larger bike in the future but I do feel that I might get bored with a 250RR down the track.
    I like the look of the babyblades hence Im asking bout it.
    Thanks :)

  2. None of the CBR400 models are P plate legal.

    Fantastic little bikes, they are usually found for cheaper than the 250's since most people jump straight to a 600cc+ bike once off restrictions. Good comfort (considering teh sporty ride), and performance won't leave you needing for some time.

    Easier to ride than a 250 due to having better bottom end torque. A comprehensive roadtest from a 1991 article I have on my computer tested them to pull a 12.4s 1/4 mile, not too shabby for just under 60hp.

    Most around get snapped up for racing in the 400cc categories.

    Early models (NC23) are arguably of better build quality and use better componentry, while the later models (NC29/Gullarm) look better.

    If the budget can stretch to it, get an RVF400, similar performance but this bike is P plate legal.
  3. Not sure about LAMs, but these are excellent bikes, and I absolutely love 'em.

    Handling is superb, but forget pillions.

    NC23's (Tri-arm, late 80's model) had problems with the gear selector between 1st and 2nd, which resulted in the bike jumping out of 2nd gear. Other than that, engines are bullet proof, with a (relatively) decent mid range. 'Decent' power comes in from around 8k and they really hit their power zone above 10k (red line at 14k and they love being thrashed).
    Note the inverted commas. Power is usable and decent enough, but these ain't going to keep up with the 600's of the time in a straight line (will waste them in the corners though).

    Very quick in the twisties.

    Agree with Cammo, worth looking at the RVF400, or the earlier (and cheaper) NC30 (like a mini RC30 - gorgeous). These are easily as good as the CBR, with a little more torque in the mid-range.

    All are very well engineered and pretty much take what you can throw at them. Ask Roarin about handling - you won't be left behind by bigger bikes in the twisties.
  4. I've had 3 NC30's (VFR400's, still have one), love 'em to bits. Arguably the better bike of the small V4's.

    Unlike CBR250's, the CBR400's also have gear-driven cams (no camchain) and can usually be picked up for cheaper than NC30's.

    I only recommended an RVF as it's LAMS legal...
  5. Prices are inflated due to them being in a racing catogory and not many being around.
    There are 400 versions of the gsxr aswell. Great bike but often for the same price u can buy a late 90's r6/cbr 600 ect.
    Parts would be a majour slut. try the english 400 cc forums. For more info.
  6. Prices on CBR250's are inflated, you can pick up a good CBR400 for under $4k if you look hard enough, hardly expensive. A fantastic one went on ebay for less than $3.8k last week.

    Prices on RVF400's are inflated because they're LAMS legal, plenty around.

    Prices on VFR400's ($4.5-6.5k) are fair, since they're a stonking bike and still have more technology than many new carbed bikes....

    400's are cheap (RVF excepeted due to being LAM) all things considered, since most peeps want a bike 600cc+ once off restrictions. Suits me, keeps the prices down! :LOL:
  7. Sure, you can get a 600 or something like ZXR750 (or even a later ZX7R) for the sort of money that the 400's go for, but this would be missing the point.

    Due to their short wheelbase and overall size and weight, these bikes [400's] are far better through the twisties and have none of the intimidation that you get with larger bikes.

    For fun you can't beat them. I want another!
  8. Thanks for the info guys. I like the CBR250 but I think i might head up towards the RVF400 instead. Same similar look but a better setup than the 250. The only thing is is finding one with low kms and a good price.
    IMO the 250RR are overpriced especially from dealerships. Ive I can snap up a 400 around 4-6k, ill be happy :grin:
    Just like the 250RR, I cant seem to find it on the LAMs list.
    How can I be definitely sure its L/P legal?
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