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Info on Aussie seller & sizing for Icon Bombshell boots?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by MotorCat, Jun 27, 2009.

  1. Aloha all,

    I've found a couple of threads on these boots on the forum...and, with apologies to those who don't like wedge heels, I like the look of the Icon Bombshell boots. I too am not normally a fan of wedge heels, but these look sleek, are 'proper' motorcycle boots rather than just high heeled shoes, and girl friends I've shown the pic to say they're 'so very me'. Make of that what you will, but no other value judgements please on my taste (or perceived lack thereof) in wanting to buy these :grin:

    I am only a passenger rider on my boyfriend's (Fragbait's) bike - so I only need to rest my boots on the little pillion foot peg thingies (their technical name). I usually wear heels to work so I'm used to walking around in heels - I'm told the heels here are 7.5cm and my work ones are similar to that. And no, I don't work in *that* sort of industry (not that there's necessarily anything wrong with that!)

    So without further rambling:

    • - Anyone know of somewhere else in Australia I should try?

      - I've read that these are a small/narrow fit boot. I'm a size AUS5.5-6, European size 36 in most shoes. If other gals here have bought these, what size did you buy and did you find that they fitted well when you got them? I've found a few sizing guides for these boots, but they all say slightly different things...:?
    I've googled for these in Australia and only found two possible sellers: Bikebiz (who say they can't get my size in from their distributor) and Two Wheel Superstore (who may be able to get my size in about a month, but are not sure).

    I can buy them off eBay but it would have to be from the US. The sellers I've found (I suspect some of them are the same company trading under different user names) do have a return/exchange policy, which is great, but the shipping costs and times are obviously higher to return things to the US.

    Thanks in advance for any assistance!

    'Heels Queen'
  2. Hey,

    Any motorcycle shop in Victoria can order the Bombshell boot in for you, but the importers 'Gas Imports' in Tullamarine (who don't deal with the public) only import sizes 7, 8 & 9 in black.

    I have ordered in a size 6 and a 9.5 in black but Gas had to bring them in specially; took a couple of months.

    They can also order in the white version too if it's still avail overseas.

    These are not really motorcycle riding boots, they are of a softer & thinner leather, and they don't have the added protectors that normal motorcycle boots have.

    If you like the look, fair enough, I like the look of girls wearing them, a little bimbo/skankish but I like that look, lol.

    They are a benefit to short female riders, had a shorter girlfriend buy some, they gave her more stability & confidence when riding her 750.
  3. Many thanks for that info, Johnny O. I didn't realise any shop could order them, and who the local distributor is, so that's very useful info.

    I was also told by the 2 business I spoke with, that they could only get full sizes - so it's good to know the half-sizes are available by special order, too.

    May I ask: with the sizes that you ordered, did they turn out to be a good fit in terms of 'really' being close to a standard Australian size 6 and 9.5? Or did the ladies you bought them for find that they were on the small side? I've read a couple of comments online about them being quite a narrow shoe.

    I'm short as well (162cm) but as I'm a passenger it is not as critical for me. As long as I can reach the passenger peg things, I'm fine! But the heels do add height anyway whilst walking around, which is always appreciated :)

    Thanks again!