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info on a SRV250?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by ghope, Apr 19, 2005.

  1. Hey guys and girls

    Well I finally found the srv250 I was after..such a wonderful bike for me and such a loverly british racing green hehe :D Anyways I was just wondering if any of you knew where I would be able to find information on them? Such as a manual or something ? Because I didn't get anything with it and was wondering if there was anything available?

    Thanks guys. :)
  2. Bloody!

    How did ya find one? I was looking for a while. Found one on bikesales but got no reply from the seller.

    Do you mind telling me what condition, year, milage, cost?
  3. BOgus69 that wasnt the silver and black one in Sunshine West was it. I tried to email him as well and got no response.
  4. Hey Bogus

    Yeah they are very hard to find..I think i mailed that same seller and no reply I'm sure its LONG gone now....

    It has been a VERY preloved bike with 75 000km on the clock..but she still runs wonderfully...also the day before I went to inspect it seems the owners bro had an accident on it dinting the exhaust leaving a bit of a hole and broke the brake leaver lol oh the woes :? but anyways I got dad to have a look at it and it still had 8 months rego left on it which was great ..especially for such a wonderful bike :D She has been fixed up and roadworthied so the end cost would be around $1500 with the bits and pieces we fixed up So pretty sweet deal if you ask me hehe.
    So basically the cosmetic side of things she has two little scratches on the tank and a dinted exhaust but nothing too bad (and dad decided as a learner i would prob drop it anyways!) with the working condition she worked fine even with the exhaust problem, but now that is fixed. We are thinking maybe she needs a bit of tuning with the midrange carborator thing? lol whatever that means :?
    But otherwise she is a great bike and sooo much easier to ride than the trail bike I was wondering around on :D

    Now just need to find a manual or something :)

    oh yeah and I found it from an advertisement on the bike board up at MTA :)

  5. Na, The one I saw was a green one.
    The pic was of it on a grassey knol. :)
  6. Good stuff Ghope.

    I haven't even got a bike yet. Getting close though!!

    I love the look of the srv.

    Let us know how it goes.
  7. Gratulations!!! On the bike, it sounds like you got yourself a bargin!!!

    As for tuning it... I think these bikes have thesame engine and carby as the Virago... it might be an idea to look in to it as well...

    Also try Wheels of Time in Dandenong... opposite Hungry Jacks they sell car & bike books and manuals
  8. Man, I was after one of these before I bought the CB250 but I could never get my hands on one and gave up trying. I reckon this is a good bike to keep even when you upgrade. Use the bigger bike most of the time but one of those bikes to keep in the shed for the occasional weekend cruise through the twisties...:LOL:
  9. Well done, ghope - sounds like a really good deal. I've always liked the look of the SRV so I hope you have a great time with it!

    You'll have to come along to Fri night coffee and show off your new toy. :)
  10. Ghope ,
    MadMel has been trying so desprately to log in and post to you but she hasnt been able too , each time she posts she gets logged out , so she sent me a post via another site and asked me to put it up for her .

    here is mad mels post
  11. Thanks guys :D She is indeed a dream to ride and if she can stay going with me riding it she is doing a fantastic job :p

    Thank you for passing on the message groberts and I will most definately have to drag my butt up to coffee night...I'm convincing my bro and his friend to have a lurk around this wonderful community and then I'll drag them along too :)

    I would most DEFINATELY be interested in arranging to get a copy from you madmel, I'll message you and hopefully we can arrange something :D

    Once again guys thanks for your help...I knew this was the right place to come to for help :D