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Info On 1991 Toyota Hilux Space Cab Needed

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by 87crisis, Nov 14, 2012.

  1. Basically after buying my headache of a ute and being defected driving it home from Queensland ivesince had the ass end remodelled and air filter fixed up all that's left is the wheels....the 3 speed auto "snorlux" as I've dubbed her is currently resting on 17inch rims...my question is what we're the stock size wheels for the 88-97 hilux xtracabs and if by some stupid fcuking luck they are 15's stock do the fact that the 17's are somewhat low profile tyres have an effect on their ability to pass a blue slip?

    I've searched the net time n time again for specs sheets etc to no avail so figure I'd put it out there on net rider to see what I come up with....so any of you guys(and for the ladies that aren't engrossed in ma cherie) know the go here? Or can link me to specs ?

  2. 2wd or 4wd? All the early hilux 4x4's were 15 inch. Not sure if 17's will knock you back for a roadworthy though. As long as they exceed the original tyre specs I'd assume they were ok.
  3. Ugh 2wd sorry...long night
  4. If I'm not wrong the stock size for the steelies were 16x6, so correct me if I'm wrong but 17s should be okay
  5. i believe they were 15's... from memory. (ours all had 15's on them and most 4x4 tyres at the time were 15's)
    so you might be ok for size but not sure if they look at things like load ratings of wheels/tyres?
  6. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1352835126.826835. that's the snorlux pre remodelling....I might just be dealing with a jewbag blue slip guy if this is the case I might take it elsewhere but would still like to know the sizes for at least future reference
  7. nm. ours were 4wd hilux's :) (had 3-4 in the family back then.)
  8. Lol all good
  9. Have you tried ringing a Toyota dealer? They should have the specs on file somewhere (or am I being foolishly optimistic?).
  10. Your number plate is falling off.....
  11. Got that lil issue fixed up off track - highway patrol didn't appreciate it. And I will ring toyota in a few days - currently getting ready. To go get all my teeth removed....so oxy's will be leaving me distracted for a few days joyyyyyy
  12. Major dental issues? Getting all your teeth removed is a pretty drastic thing which most dentists would do as a last resort.
  13. welcome to your last resort - i'm mr crisis.

    got all bar 2 front teeth and a wisdom tooth at the back removed to anchor the base denture - i've had....SO SO MANY painkillers.....got 4 weeks til denture's being fitted
  14. I look forward to some of your chemically enhanced upcoming posts.