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Info for new guy

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Logcrafter, Mar 11, 2008.

  1. Hello All,

    I have a question or a few,actually. I am from the US,North Carolina.
    I own a few Motorcycles and ride every weekend or at least try.I am
    thinking about moving to the Mansfield/Vic Area, I have been offered a
    job there. I joined a few groups. Your rides seem to be a great time,
    so I thought I would ask this group if anyone knows of this area.
    What is the town like, you know the things that I really cant get the
    feel of on the web. The housing seems to be a little bit higher. Is
    there a reason for this? How are your energy costs? Electric, Gas for
    a house, maybe 3 or 4 bedrooms? I do have kids,17 still needs 1 more
    year of school, and I might bring two older kids to study in college.
    How are the schools? I heard about a teacher strike, what is the
    consensus on that. What is the "starting" wage for a construction
    laborer and what is the average that a hands on Construction Manager
    that has 20 years experience and runs somebody's business make? I mean
    average wages. Just wondering... The riding you all do looks great.
    How many months can you ride around there, without the risk of hitting
    black ice? How does the motorcyle licensing work there? Hows
    insurance for a vehicle? I hope this is not to off topic or to many
    questions but I think you all are probably "cut from the same cloth".
    Thanks in advance for any reply.

  2. 000200A1. Welcome to NR :cool:

    Mansfield is a beautiful alpine region close to a lot of great rides. Black ice can be a bit of a problem in the colder months which can be quite a few. Cant help much cos I don't actually know all that much about the town other than the couple of times I have visited. I'm sure any Netrider members from up that way will be happy to help you out.

    Cheers, Andrew
  3. As far as energy costs are concerned power is charged at 15.9 (Australian) cents per Kw Hour, as well as a 49.4 cent per day service fee. Mansfield's most likely not on mains gas, which means you'd have to rely on bottle deliveries (or rely solely on electric).

    Housing prices in that area are higher simply because it's one of the few areas in Victoria that's not completely flat, and still has trees ;).

    No shortage of Universities (colleges) in the state either, located both in Melbourne and in other cities (Geelong, Ballarat and Bendigo).
  4. hi and welcome to NR