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Info about P's? (NSW)

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by ScottyRider, Nov 16, 2006.

  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm a new forum member, and my P's test is coming up at Rouse Hill.

    I did a search and found some good tips for the test. I was wondering if anyone has done their test at Rouse Hill?

    How is the day structured?

    I heard that there is a road ride at the end, but how does this work? Where do they ride to, and do you just follow the instructor or what?

    Anyways, any info or comments would be really appreciated.

    Thanks so much!

    P.S. Are you able to go there and watch a test to see what it's like or anything like that?
  2. I didn't do it at Rouse Hill still as far as the day is structured I think they are very similar.

    1) The instructor will teach you a few more riding skills (things you should have picked up while riding, but now explains them to you)

    2) They walk you through the competency test you will do at then end of the day and all its parts, then you have time to practise that (this is the cone weave, U-turn, etc)

    3) You have a bit of a saftey class and watch a video

    4) Lunch

    5) Road test. Now the instructor will probably ride behind 1 or 2 riders with the others behind him. THe instructor will clearly outline the route the group will be taking so the two in front know where to go, this is the easiest part of the day, oh and if you make a wrong turn don't stress just find your way back to the group. This part is just to ensure you are responsible. :)

    6) After finishing the road test it is time for the competency test, and this is were if you accumulate more than 8 points you fail. But it is all pretty standard, and I think you can find dimensions of each part of the test and points structure on the RTA website...

    7) Then go to the RTA and pay for your P's. :grin:

    I hope that helps.

    As I said I didn't go to rouse hill so I don't know what the instructors are like or what condition the course is in, sorry.
  3. Hi and welcome.

    Not sure how they do the test day at RH but we did the day like this.

    Walked the test course.
    And did each part of the course and the instructor showing you tips.
    Then a small break.

    Then you do the course , cone weave, U turn ,quick stop ect.
    One after another ,so your on one part of the course then move on to the next and the other riders are not doing the same part as you.
    We did about 1-2 hours just going around and around you get HEAPS of practice .
    Then we did the road ride ,It's not really a "test" ,it's showing you road positioning "buffering".
    You follow the instructor say 3 km's and then you stop and talk about what you seen ,like trucks and driveways ,potholes ........everyday stuff .
    Then you change places and everyone get to be near the instructor so you can see what ,they are doing.
    If you fell off ,i'm not sure it would even matter for a pass-- fail.
    Then lunch.

    Then we did another 30 minutes doing the course around and around.
    Then the test.
    You do each part one at a time.
    So you do the cone weave part ,then STOP ,he/she says ok ,go to the next starting line for the U turn part ,ect.
    You do all the parts one after the other ,then you get a pass -fail.
    Then the next person has a go.

    Never been to RH ,i did mine at the regatta center penrith ,go out there and you can sit and watch ,its a public car park .

    See this link it's got good info.
    On the cone weave ,they say you can skip the last cone and go straight you only loose 1 point ,This maybe true at some places ,but not all.

    They call the day a TEST but ,I learn't sooooo much on the day it was more a lesson and it's still fun like the L's course.
    Just remember to HEAD CHECK ,look left and right ,then move off .
    If you practice at home get some chalk and find a car park and practice ,and then on the test day your 70% or better and ,you will get lessons to help you be 100% ready for the test.

    P.S don't tell the intructor you getting a R1 and think you cool ,because they will give you a hard time allday ,like they did to this one guy.

    Cheers and good luck.
  4. Hi there,

    Well I did mine at rouse Hill. Top guy's. The day went so fast.

    In the morning we filled out forms then went out on the course he showed us the basic things, like in the L's, then he road bike around the course , then we had a go at it. I'm sure the road ride is after morning tea, You follow him . Pull up every 3-5kms talk about that area of road then continue. Come back have lunch then do more ptractise, then it is test time. But the course that you practise on is not the course you do for the test. Oh during the practise time he will give you some advise on where you are going wrong and how to improve on it. I learnt a great deal on this day. After I almost throwing up in my helmet :oops: I passed. with losing 6 points. :oops:

    Best of luck
    Cheers Lou :grin:

    Just remember to relax that was my biggest problem :grin:
  5. did mine at st ives.

    If I remember right, we walked the course, went straight into about two hours of practice( the instructor had the U turn tighter than the test and the cones well away from a straight line for the practice session).
    He then put us through the riding test one by one . After each instruction he asks if we understand. only one person failed the riding test due to going to the wrong side of a swerve cone after misunderstanding him.

    back to the class for lecture, out on the road in indian file with stops every 4ks or so to explain buffering, overtaking etc, etc.

    back to the class for certificate presentation.

    then I went straight to the rta for license.

    Our HART instruter was great and wanted everyone to pass.

    Relax and enjoy the day. :grin:
  6. i did mine at rouse hill. i was stressing out heaps. but it is seriously nothing to stress about. you spend almost the whole day practicing for the 5 minute marked test at the end of the day.

    the road ride is in my opinion a bit of a waste of time. the instructor rides at the front and you all follow in single file. and the main thing they want you to practice is to maintain and 3 second gap between riders.

    the actual test that you have to pass at the end of the day is just wat you have been practicing all morning except it is easier than some of the things they get you to do. e.g the cone weave you practice on the cones are closer together than the actual test.

    dont stress to much and enjoy the day. the instructors are really nice and helpful.
  7. Sorry guys, my computer carked it and refreshed so the post was multiplied! Please delete. Thanks - sorry :oops:
  8. Fill in where you are located ,there is a few car parks with the course marked out.
    There is a learner ride in a few weeks, if your up for it.
  9. Thanks for the suggestion Sled, I'm located around the Castle Hill area, anyone know of any carparks nearby where the course is marked out?

    Cheers again
  10. hombush. do a search for homebush and learner or sumthing i think its in P5 i went there before my P's and it helped me a bit, just to give you a small idea of wat to expect.
  11. hey scotty
    when are you sitting the ps test?
    im actually due at the rouse hill site this coming friday the 24th i think it is
    im also from castle hill so we could meet up and go for a ride sometime if you like

  12. Hi guys,

    Got some practice in this weekend in a carpark in Ryde, we just marked out the U turn dimensions etc - all was ok, but then we were asked nicely to leave by some security guys. We must have looked dangerous with our Ls doing slow speed maneouvres haha.

    Anyways, all good, we obliged and left but at least got a little bit of U turn practice in.

    Mitch, my test is going to be on the 6th of December I believe... (unless I change it beforehand) Let me know how your test goes, maybe we can catch up for a ride some time when it's all done.

    Thanks again guys!


  13. Hi guys,

    Thought I'd introduce myself in this very timely thread! I'm a new forum member and also going for my Ps soon at Rouse Hill.

    I'm actually booked in on the 24th (this Friday!) but *may* have to change that tomorrow if I can't get time off work :(

    Anyways, the Ps test seems quite daunting indeed, hopefully it will all be ok though. Good luck with your test and practice Scotty!

    Mitch, coincidentally, I live in West Pennant Hills and it looks like we're booked in on the same day!! (If mine doesn't change)

    What bike do you ride, so I can introduce myself on the day! (are you using your own bike?) I ride a black VTR and will be using my own bike for the day.

    Anyways, look forward to possibly meeting on Friday then.

    Cheers all,

  14. This sounds stupid, but I've got my test coming up and I'm absolutely shitting myself. Never been good with exams. This all makes for interesting reading and is bloody helpful. Thanks to those who've posted.
  15. Doesn't sound stupid at all Marlon, it definitely feels like the pressure is on, but having said that I guess it's important to try and relax - if you do have some bad luck and mess something up at least we get another go at it hey...

    But I totally agree, something like this just seems so nerve-wracking!

    Good to see there are lots of us in the same boat! :wink:

    When/where is your test?
  16. My test is this coming Sunday, at Gosford (anybody got any good directions? :grin: )

    I live in Castle Hill, but due to the funny hours i do (12PM till 8AM) i can't make a midday course, and it was the only place that had a weekend course available!
  17. Wow, looks like there's a few of us here from the Hills area!

    On the subject of P's tests, does anyone who has recently completed it know the exact point deductions for the various 'offences'?

    I'm feeling particularly anxious about the instant fail ones :?


  18. It was a fun/boring day i did mine not long ago , i think 5 of the 6 people passed , it is nerve racking , but you do learn alot , the girl who failed , failed from the start , she could not do the uturn or cone weave which i found the easyist , hard part would but the emergancy stop , lol if you fail that you fail the whole thing. I did my l's at gosford , not that hard to get too , its on the same road as the train station ,, good luck!

    Headcheck is the hardest lol remmeber to do these
  19. Vmeister,
    I ride an XVS650 cruiser but ill be borrowing marlons bike this friday which is a nicely modified TW200
    only cause ive heard bad things about taking cruisers on a ps test
    any last minute things people can add about that subject?
    anyway might see you on friday

    p.s good luck if i dont
  20. Cheers Mitch,

    At this stage it looks like I may end up making Friday...

    See you there then

    Good luck to all who are also doing their test soon!