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Influence in buying a new bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by hughhurst1990, Oct 19, 2009.

  1. Hey,

    I'm looking for candidates for my next bike. I will be off my restrictions next month and I've been looking at the Ducati 748 and the 749.

    I was just wondering if any of you would NOT buy these bikes primarily because of their dry clutch and if not why?

    Arguments for buying a bike with a dry clutch are also welcome.


  2. they actually have a wet clutch... 1098/1198 are the ones with the dry clutch
  3. i would primarily not buy them because they are old unreliable bikes.

    but thats just me and I've already owned my quota of old unreliable bikes that are fun but give you the shits. Since you have not then you have many fun times ahead. Parts will be pricey though

    But the 748 is sex on wheels
  4. I do believe you are wrong. Was at the scene when a 748 crashed and damaged his clutch cover. He was able to remove it, some debris, replace a bolt and get the thing home under it's own power. Try that with a wet clutch.
    (That's about the only advantage though).

    Depends on what you want the bike for, Hugh. It's certainly not a good choice for commuting, touring etc. Expensive to service and fix, too. Glorious sports weapon, though.
  5. 748 is definetly dry clutch. or something was seriously wrong with the one I saw in traffic a month ago
  6. sorry my mistake.. was thinking the 848!
  7. Hmmm.... Logic and reason point away from those dry clutch sex-machines...

    Lust points towards them... Maybe I will just go jap :( untill I start earning enough money to have two or maybe even three bikes!

    Thanks for all the feedback guys
  8. What logic and reason have pointed you away? Nothing much has been said IMO... Don't make your decision based only on what people say on here. I was going to buy a 748, pretty much the best looking bike out there (other than it's big brother). I have a mate with a 749s, and a 900ss, both with dry clutch. They love the bikes and haven't had any problems with them, they daily ride them (on their way back from PI now) and haven't had any reliability issues. They are like any bike, you've just got to service them on time and all is sweet. Parts might be a bit more expensive, but they are relatively easy to work on yourself, which will save you a few dollars. If you're considering it, do more research before making a decision, and think of the sound :D
  9. **** what people say mate, it's a bike, it's supposed to be a passionate, sometimes irrational decision. Get what you want, if you can afford it, otherwise you'll always regret your choice.
  10. I would not buy any Ducati with dry clutch on the grounds that a motorcycle should purr, hum, go vrooom... occasionally perhaps roar... but it should never jingle.

    Also, because I think they are uncomfortable as hell and pretty though they might be, I can't afford to buy a bike just to look at.
  11. Depends on whether you want a bike that you can RIDE on the weekend or one you have to spend your weekends WORKING on...
  12. One of each, please! :D
  13. Yeah I really love the sound of the dry clutch and the look of the 748 AND the 749 for different reasons...

    I'm still looking into what bike to get... I probably won't be buying untill the new year but I've already started looking. I don't really want to rush into it you know...
  14. Hey....check the service costs. Anything like a Ducati is going to cost a lot more to service, get parts for, etc.
  15. That's a good point... I'll probably buy from a dealer (whatever bike I decide to get) so I will ask them how much for servicing etc.