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Inflating tires at home

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Paul W, Jul 31, 2009.

  1. Hey all,

    Hopefully not a silly question, but I thought I would ask before I try it, and then find out it doesn't work;

    Can you use a floor stand type bicycle pump to inflate and check inflation on motorcycle tires?

  2. If you have a strong enough arm and plenty of patience, don't see why not..(rather you than me though)
  3. Yep. I keep a small bike pump with the repair kit under the seat - takes a bit of effort to get to the right pressure from a flat though.
  4. Thanks for the replies guys!
    Keep in mind this is a floor pump, not a frame mounted bike pump; more ompff for your stroke.
  5. why don't you just get a basic air compressor?
  6. I already have the pump, which also has a pressure guage built into it. So I can kill two birds with one stone, without spending any extra $$$.
  7. i would at least buy a quality air pressure gauge cheers bazz
  8. Its good. My pump (I'd say its the same as yours - the one that stands up, has the reservoir and a pressure gauge on top of it) gives the correct reading. I checked it with another gauge that is accurate.
  9. If you check your tyre pressure often, you won't have to worry too much about the number of strokes... but you will be wearing out the rubber seal on the clamping bit of your pump.
  10. I have a good quality tyre pressure gauge that I use to check the tyre pressures, and then I use the bicycle track pump to add air if required. The gauge on the pump is always pretty close but I find that it's not quite accurate enough to see 1 or 2 psi difference. I've done it that way for years and it really isn't a hassle (same for the car). The pump I use looks like this:

  11. Not a problem with a floor (hand) pump.
    Motorcycle tyres only go up to 32-44psi, where's most floor pumps for pushbikes go up to 120-150psi.

    Front tyres access to the valve might be tricky with modern sportsbikes & their massive disks.
  12. I have a frame mounted type bicycle pump. Never tried pumping up from flat but it usually only takes 20-40 pumps to top up tyres if they are a little down. Not too difficult.

    A floor type pump should be much easier.
  13. a little foot pump is the go. means you can inflate your tyres when they are cold.