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Infinity is on the road!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by JackRabbit, Apr 17, 2006.

  1. For all those who know the somewhat protracted process that is getting Infinity and her Across on the road, let me announce she's FINALLY THERE!
    Went for a ride with her this afternoon, a proper ride - not a car park jobbie - and she aint too bad at all! So now that she's road savvy and super keen I expect the netrider community to band together and make sure she's not without company whilst she adjusts to moving traffic and bad cage drivers.
    I will be away (at war :p ) for the next six weeks and she's promised me a ride up the old road when I get back, so come on - let's get her amongst it! :grin:
    And please don't kill me for posting this mate, I felt this was more than news worthy :LOL:

  2. Yay :dance: :roses: :bannanabutt: :biker: You go Gurl!!!
  3. Infinity...you can meet Dante at the Brewery on the morning of Sun 23rd and have him escort you down to Loftus Oval for the Headlands Hotel ride.

    Just an idea.
  4. congrats infinity.

    have fun at war jackrabbit :)
  5. Hooray! At last we have Infinity on the road, just sing out girl and we'll come get you :grin:
  6. Oh yeah, Infinity is on two wheels. Any help you need, lady, you just give us a call.
  7. Hehe, Dante if your goin to meet Infinity at HBB, you might as well wait for me to :grin: , i dnt have a clue where Loftus Oval is. :shock:.

    PM me if its happening. :wink: