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Infection by Political Correction

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by DeeCubed, Jun 25, 2008.

  1. This morning I was speaking to the good people at Alinta gas who are coming out to do some work for us. Whilst going through my details, the helpful lady asked for my "christian" name. I chortled a bit and said I didn't think one was allowed to say that anymore. She said: "what do you mean?". I said, well suppose I was a Muslim, or a Hindu, or atheist (insert denomination of your choice)...then what? Everybody says forename now don't they...I do bemoan the loss of the christian name though. The funny thing is, I don't consider myself to be particularly PC however, I've picked up this bug without realising it.

    Mrs Deecubed said they've recorded my call for training purposes.

  2. It's also known as Given Name.
  3. I have always used given name...
  4. Well I've always used Christian name. And my son/daughter will be known by their christian name also :p
  5. I tend to automatically go to say Christian name and have to mentally correct myself.

    And that's in spite of not being a Christian :) . But I am ever so old and learned my habits of speech in a, basically, monocultural area of the UK.
  6. I always just ask,

    "What's your first name?"
  7. i dont ask...i just asign them a name based on my perception of them.

    "fatty" or "jugs" is alot more PC
  8. It's always "first name on the passport" or "last name on the passport" from my clients.

    Some family names (our culture last name) are the "first" names in other cultures, or they're abbreviated, or they're appended to the mother's "first" last name to make a hyphenated super long name.

    We often have to change records around half way through their processing because they entered their own name in wrong...
  9. I go for Christian name every time.
    Kids at school always give me a strange look then I say "first name"
  10. They'd be thinking "WTF does he mean? John Smith is the name I've always had?" :LOL:
  11. Hmm...

    They give you a strange look then you say "first name"...

    I'm not surprised you get strange looks but can't you remember their names?... :p :p
  12. In the interests of political correctness they should all be assigned a number and a bar code!
  13. This is for filling out forms and such, we have to have their full christian name ie Maximillian not just Max.
    And yes I do forget their names sometimes :p
  14. So what does Abdul Afuw say when you ask him for his Christian name or does it never come up?
  15. Read up :roll:
  16. Sorry, I had swapped poor humour for poor clarity in my starkly worded post. What I meant was: notwithstanding confused looks, are there, for example, letters of complaint from parents debating the issue etc, or is the whole PC thing simply blown out of proportion by the media?
  17. Nope no issues and the media and some in this group tend to blow it way out of proportion.