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Inexperienced or just stupid?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Layzie, Mar 10, 2016.

  1. I was driving to work today and a R3 with an L plate pulls up next to me at the lights. It was raining today so the roads was pretty wet. The lights go green and I waited a couple seconds before I drove off as I was observing the R3. The rider took off but nearly lost control of the rear wheel but managed to stay upright. I kept observing the rider and the bike. I was on the left lane and rider on the right. Rider was going straight, and was going to fast as there was a car about 100 meteres down in front of him fully stopped in traffic. The rider just kept going and at the same speed then hit the brakes on the last minute and slammed onto the rear of that car. What was this rider thinking? The rider had plenty of space and time to slow down or brake. Wet or dry, that bike woudlve still hit that car.

  2. Stolen bike??

    Rider on drugs...

    Or both.

    Either case...what happened after he hit the car?
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  3. Are you good looking LayzieLayzie? Maybe he was trying to impress you.

    Let's just hope it was a momentary brain snap on his part. Either that or hopefully he sees riding isn't for him before he becomes a statistic that the government use to place further restrictions on us.
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  4. Just applying the usual caging tendency to look no further than 2m in front, I'd guess. Further evidence that my previous opinion that getting cagers onto bikes would be beneficial was laughably wrong.
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  5. That much slippiness (spinning it up at the lights), even in the wet, suggests brand new tires to me. Maybe not, maybe just no skills.

    That level of road awareness that we tend to take for granted does take time to develop... and maybe heavy traffic in the wet is not the place to start.

    Sucks to be that guy, if the bike was so new the tires were still waxy and he's stacked it. Hope the lessons learned are the right ones, but he may well end up one of those 'tried it once and it's incredibly deadly' lifelong storytellers.
  6. Inexperienced or just stupid?

    I'd say a little from column A and a little from column B.
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  7. Rear slipping in the wet with an R3 going straight? I'd be more inclined to think there was something on the road, or the clutch was dumped. The R3 has a bit more poke then my Ninja 300 had, but not enough I wouldn't think to spin the rear tyre where the ninja never could.

    In terms of hitting the car in front of him......well, it does smack of being stupid and inexperienced. Was it raining hard enough that your visor was covered in water? Maybe fogging issues? Either way, avoidable.
  8. If the tires were that slippery and not scrubbed in, I hope he literally just didn’t pick it up from the dealer. That would really suck. Actually this whole scenario sucks on so many levels. I couldn’t even believe what I was reading.
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  9. On my first bike I was pulled up at a roundabout and keen to get into a small gap. (Impatience has always been a weakness of mine). This predated mandatory rider training courses. I rode on my Ls for 12 months without getting around to doing the test and when my permit expired and I found I had to do the course in order to renew. Anyway so there I was totally green, very keen, riding a little 150cc two stroke single. Not a power house by any stretch of the imagination but it got along better than I expected and it was fairly light. But anyway I botched up the take off, with a fistful of throttle bang in the power band and dumped the clutch and the result was I went round the roundabout on the back wheel. I had enough sense to still lean to corner and I went off at the second exit so there wasn't a lot of directional control required. When I took off though, as my weight got thrown back it was all I could do to hang on and not flip it over the back. Took me a good couple of seconds to get sufficiently balanced that I could get off the throttle a bit and get my foot onto the back brake which got the front down and by that time I was on the exit.

    So possibly he just gave himself a big scare when he dumped the clutch and spun the back up and couldn't get himself balanced and sorted enough to get off the throttle and on the brake before he ploughed in. Maybe he got really paranoid about traction when he spun the back and was too scared of braking hard and losing the front. Or maybe the adrenalin hit and he just froze. Some people do that. You wouldn't believe the number of people who crash without doing anything to avoid it. I will never give anyone a hard time for doing something less than perfect in an emergency, because they did something and that is usually far better than doing nothing.
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  10. I work in security and the place where I work have lots of highly educated people, at the same time a lots of them fail to read a sign in Red that is 2x bigger than the size of their head, that said "Door Alarm Do Not Exit Unless Emergency" with that my conclusion is people are just stupid...... well "most" people.
  11. Plenty of learners manage to ride more powerful bikes than that in the wet on new tyres and not spin the wheels up or rear end another car.

    This is 100% stupidity.
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  12. Answer to your question: Learner trying to show off, to impress everyone with all that R3 grunt.
    R3 ??? must be 3 times better than an R1:ROFLMAO:

    Lets hope they do not become another statistic.
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