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Inexpensive 35mm wide bike tie-downs found!

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by robsalvv, Jan 22, 2007.

  1. I was in bunnings the other day looking for a set of 35mm wide ratchet type tie downs... but the price didn't appeal...

    So did some research and came across
    who only specialise in tie-downs of all sorts and sizes.

    It turns out that they have a ratchet type 35mm wide 750kg rated 6m long, S-hook tie down for $10! I've seen similar in bike shops and bunnings for upwards of $80. That's quite a markup!!

    Securaload are QLD based, but have a factory virtually around the corner to me in Laverton Nth, Melbourne. (Apparently Sydney and Adelaide get a guernsey too)

    I'll be getting a pair of the tie downs tomorrow... I'll let you know what they're like.... but they HAVE to be better than my aging 20mm wide tie-downs that I've been using to date!...


  2. Nice one Rob.
    Be good to hear how they go, could use some of those at work too.

  3. I'm pretty sure I got a set of these last year, and used them when the Hornet lunched its regulator, bringing it back from Parramatta to Wollongong in a normal 6x4 box trailer. I've also used them to secure furniture and other stuff. Highly recommended. Good find and a valuable thing to publicise, Rob.
  4. ...Thanks Paul. Just my community spirit kicking in....
  5. I'd never thought of using tie-downs to date. I generally go with dinner or a movie, and leave tie-downs until much later in the relationship.
  6. Chairman it appears you've mixed up secureaload.com with dropaload.com :LOL:
  7. :rofl: Walked straight into that one!
  8. In light of what Chairman said, I'd like to change my post, or have it stricken from the record, Thanks.

  9. Gold. :cool:
  10. ...OK then folks, leaving my amorous and romantic proclivaties out of this discussion... I can report that I bought a pair of these tie downs and they look the business.

    They have a 750kg load rating... which should be ample for strapping a bike down on a trailer or van. The ratchet is nice and wide, and easy to operate. The hooks are plastic coated and the strapping/webbing has a load label with Australian standards reference, so the whole lot appears to be completely the full deal. Can't comment on actually strapping down a bike with them yet.

    I reckon secureaload must have an underground oompa loompa manned factory somewhere in outer Botswana to be able to make these tie downs this inexpensive! The equivalent at bunnings was quite a lot more expensive...

    Their Melbourne address is at: 11 Everaise Crt Laverton North 3026, and they tell me they have another 20 of these tiedowns on the shelves ready to go.... Apparently there's about 1800 of these suckers in their QLD factory... so I'd say there's plenty to go around!


  11. Messed around with the tie downs and they're as easy to use as they look. The extra wide ratchet handle is a total luxury compared to what I have been using so far.

    Well worth the money! A total bargain actually. :grin:
  12. I use a small orange net that has the hooks on the corners which I got from some cheapo shop for two bucks...works well so I bought a couple for future use :)