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Inevitability of Prangs

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Bravus, Aug 14, 2006.

  1. Some people seem to assume that everyone who rides will fall off at some point, others that that's not the case.

    What do you think? Is there a way, through use of appropriate care and caution, advanced rider training, good habits and so on, to reduce your chances of falling off to... something less than 100%? Or is it only a matter of time for everyone?

    Just kinda seems to me that, if we assume we're gonna crash, we're more likely to than if the default assumption (backed up by action) is that we wont'.
  2. Ahh but on the other hand if you start assuming you're never going to crash that's when shorts and t-shirt start to look like acceptable riding gear. I try to only think about riding - I'll leave crashing up to gravity.
  3. I voted no based on the fact that there are rider trainers that ride all day every day that have not come off. I think this has alot to do with caution and knowing the dangers.

    I have found that its often non riders who say 'everyone falls off sooner or later'.

    just my opinion...
  4. I sort of see your point, but I disagree.

    I believe I will come off. But I do everything I can (and I've picked up lots of tips from everyone here) to avoid that.

    I'm a pessimist, so that skews my views on a lot of things, but with the number of riders I've read about/seen/heard of who've come unstuck, it seems so highly likely for all of us.

    I hope I am making some sense.
  5. A mate's old man used to ride in Sydney, commuting. He rode for well over 15 years and never had an accident. He dropped the bike a few times at traffic lights etc though.
    I think it's inevitable you'll fall off the bike, I don't think it's inevitable you'll have a big, gory catastrophic accident. Things like diesel spills, gravel etc wil cause an accident, but if you are riding to conditions, you should be able to walk away and salvage the bike.
    I think there's a bit of luck with regards other road users taking you down, but I also think this risk can be reduced significantly by riding appropriately and using your brain.

    Regards, Andrew.
  6. huh? you don't seriously believe in fate :/

  7. excellent philosophy :cool: i'm trying to think same way... although have made sure got all the gear.... just in case :p
  8. crap... deleted wrong person quote thing... jd wrote that not bravus :p
  9. I'm pretty sure I'll eventually come off. The idea frightens the shit out of me, of course, but I think I'd have to be a bit of a clown to think that I'm good enough, or even cautious enough, to not fall off. I'd like to meet someone who can wholeheartedly declare that they're always perfectly cautious and that the moment or the circumstances have never gotten the better of them. That they've never gunned it or gotten distracted in such a way that an accident could have happened. I mean really, in times like that, it's only the things around you that determine whether you'll stay on the bike.
  10. I have been riding 9 years and not come off. I've dropped the bike several times, but not thrown it down the road. I've done a lot of kays in that time and feel that I do my best to prevent what some people call 'the inevitable'. Ride to the conditions and your ability and you'll be fine.

    I have yet to have a car accident as well (touch wood) and believe that these same rules apply no matter what vehicle you are in/on.
  11. It took me 15 years, then it was twice in 6 weeks.

    Some people never do the k's I do or ride in the shit fight I do, so they'll never have an off.
  12. I was speaking to Jaqhama the other day and he said he has never fallen off - and (touch wood) i hope it stays that way for everyone (include myself).

    EDIT - when i get my bike i will take all the "feasable" safety precautions to minimise the risk. I believe i have the right attitude to stay safe and ride defensivley. Therefore i would say my chances of crashing are significantly reduced. I honestly believe if a rider does the above and does not exceed his/her ability/skill level - they will not crash. Yes there are external factors but that is the same with every other method of transport (even though we are more likely to be injured). So no i do not believe we are waiting for the inevitable.

    (excuse the spelling mistakes - hard day :wink: )
  13. it happens mate. sometimes u just cant avoid the crash even if its not ur fault. just always look when u ride
  14. It depends on attitude. If you like to go quickly and expand your limits of understanding of how to push a bike along pretty quickly, then it's pretty much only a matter of time.

    If you're someone who always rides safely and well within their limits, has good road craft and practises it, and doesn't feel the need to see just what the bike is really capable of, then your odds are pretty good.

    I guess it's really a matter of how far up the risk curve you place yourself.

    Where it gets a little murky is when you've done plenty of track days, have probably come off a few times at the track, but as a result now understand pretty much where the limits of yourself on your bike are at, and then it's a matter of riding well within those limits, which by some other's definition might appear insanely quick even though you're only riding at 7/10th's.

    If you ride everywhere on the road, and ever exceed 7/10ths of what you know you're capable of (except in emergencies), and have good road sense to boot, the odds are pretty good barring someone else taking you out.
  15. Depends on your style of riding, amount of riding, regularity, skill levels and a certain amount of luck.
    If you hit the twisties every weekend and push hard, eventually you'll have some kind of incident. On the other hand you might commute to work every day for 20 years and never have anything happen. Then on day one of 21 years you could be tboned by some idiot and die.
    It's all academic really. Don't waste time contemplating things you can't control. Just enjoy it for what it is. The best fun you can have with clothes on.
  16. My dad NEVER fall off in his 20+ years of riding. He rides a Vespa 150 (1974).
  17. I've spent WAAAY over $1000 on safety gear.

    Would be a shame not to get my money's worth...
  18. Hornet600 did the best post i have seen on this subject a few weeks ago (he went thru the likely exposure for given riding methods ie commuter etc) -i actually printed it and put in my kit of bike stats. I went looking but couldn't find the thread- if Hornet600 is feeling generous he might remember the post.
  19. did anyone watch those movies from mordeth?
    he did speak about target fixation. if you look at something you are likely to be drawn to it, thus looking through a corner is a far more effective way of cornering than focussing on the road immediately ahead.

    this is kinda relative IMO, because if you leave with the thought that some day you will crash, well basically, some day you WILL crash.
    however, if you leave with the idea thsat you will never crash, old murphy will come and bite you on the arse.

    so i think it is safe to accept that you MAY crash, but remain objective about your own safety. definitively thinking you will crash is just too negative for me, and thinking you will never crash is ridiculous because you cannot control what others do.

    some people have trouble controlling what they do themselves :p
  20. It's kinda like marriage: acknowledge that you *may* get divorced, and take precautions to prevent it (but you can't 100% control the actions of others), but also don't assume it's inevitable that you will!