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indoor grilling....

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by twainharte, Jun 14, 2010.

  1. apologies for my noobness.

    i've got a ceramic stove top.

    something like this:


    i want to grill stuff on a plate.

    like this:


    will this work?

  2. I thought this was going to be about this...


  3. yes it will, depending on the size, you will have cold spots, so the longer you warm it up the better. IMHO you would be better off to buy an indoor grill, a quality indoor grill, not a cheap imitation, or a glorified sandwich press. Better yet, buy a webber electric BBQ and use that.
  4. I have no idea. The wife is out.
  5. Why not just use the grill setting on the oven?
  6. Oh man! I don't know if this was supposed to be funny but I can't stop laughing :rofl:

    Try it in the oven on the grill thingy. You got a hot date tonight do ya who wants grilled food?... ;)
  7. Take it outside....put a brick under each end....light fire under the middle....
  8. With the ceramic cooktops like that you will get better heat transference with direct contact to the cooktop.

    e.g. We had a bunch of old pots with bases that were no longer flat.... cooking with them in our new place on one of these was useless! Bought new pots with nice new flat bases - 100 times better!!

    So if the bottom of the grill plate is not going to contact the hot spots - you'll need about 14 years* of pre-heating :D You'd be MUCH better off with fire under something like that.

    *may be a slight exaggeration
  9. 100% agree on the weber idea but on coals, not gas, gas ruins the taste of everything
  10. YES! x 1000

  11. If you can deal with the cleaning chores afterwards, I see no theoretical objection to putting the food directly on the ceramic surface.

    I wouldn't try it with my own cooktop though :grin:.
  12. Yes you can grill on a ceramic cooktop, however, you would be better off using something like this:


    which will fit over one burner.

    The grill setting in the oven does not produce the same result and makes a phenomenal mess.
  13. Or alternatively: [​IMG]
  14. from memory, the grill function in the oven tends to trip the circuit breaker in the house, thus i've never really used it...

    not particularly interested in a bbq for this.

    that square grill pan looks to be the go.

  15. i vote this one over the pan
  16. don't use petrol to light it... there should be a switch or something on the oven
  17. remember, they get pretty smokey
  18. Don't oil the grill, oil whatever it is you are going to grill brfore you put it on the grill. Otherwise, much smoke ensues, followed by activation of smoke alarms, followed by much happiness from the neighbours.

    Make sure you heat the grill beforehand.

    Did I mention you shouldn't oil the grill?

    Oh yeah, and don't use olive oil - smoke point is too low and it makes trans fats when overheated, which are bad for your arteries.

  19. then why do all the chefs use olive oil? :)
  20. i thought most chefs used veg. oil?