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Indoctrinating our kids to look for motorbikes: "Scoo, spoo, croo, poo, sneaky poo" spot the bike ga

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by smileedude, Apr 20, 2012.

  1. So I had a little idea last night. I played a couple of car spotting games as a kid. One involved spotting orange cars and the other was the infamous Punch Buggy. These cars now stand out to me like a set of testicles on a bull dog. I see a VW beetle a mile away out of fear of getting punched by my brothers and wanting to punch them first.

    So why don't we engineer a bike spotting game. Get our kids playing, hopefully they start playing it with other kids and it spreads around the country. A simple, effective way to get kids, and possibly their parents actively looking for bikes. It may not work instantly but we can indoctrinate the next generation to look out for motor bikes.

    So I had two ideas for games, a non-violent one and a violent one. The non- violent one will be easier to introduce to kids as nobody wants to teach their kids to hit each other, but the violent one may spread a lot faster, because it is more fun. I have no idea how punch buggy started, but I really doubt it was the idea of a parent.

    Malcom in the Middle managed to introduce the circle game to the world and get kids hitting each other so to get the violent game up and running we would probably need something like that.

    GAME A "SCOOSPOOCROO" (non-violent)

    A simple game, if you see a scooter you yell "SCOO", and get a point. If you see a sports bike you yell "SPOO" and get a point. If you see a cruiser you yell "CROO" and get a point. If you yell the wrong thing at the wrong time you lose a point.

    For the benefit of the driver you can add a police bike is worth 10 points and you yell "POO" or "FUZZ".

    The game will evolve if it catches on. Kids might yell "DUCK" for a Ducati or a number of other high scoring options. But let the kids complicate the game, they will add a million 'house' rules by themselves.

    edit: For younger kids just pick one of the above to yell and teach them the rest of the rules when they get a bit older.

    GAME B (Violent)

    If you see a scooter you yell "SCOOBY SLAP" and slap another kid. Krabi also suggested that as VW own Ducati you could have "PUNCH DUCK". Rules are the same as punch buggy.

    Any thoughts? Could this achieve anything? I don't have kids and this is the only forum I'm a member of. So I'm the worst person to get this started. But otherwise, share this with as many motorcycling parents as you can and start playing with your kids.
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  2. Re: Indoctrinating our kids to look for motorbikes

    My Kids would definately play this and they will be from the next time I am in the car with them.

    I will keep it simple and just do "Motorbike" with them as they are still a bit young to tell them apart by type especially the small boy.....

    He is already however doing it a bit by himself and I have to take him out and put him on the bike every time when I get home or he cracks it.....

    Think the small girl is already into it, now if I can just get her of the scooters.....

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  3. Re: Indoctrinating our kids to look for motorbikes

    Great idea smileedude, get them young to start looking for bikes has got to be a good thing for when they grow up and start driving.

    I'd keep it simple and just stick to the punch buggy rules but with bikes as;
    a) young kids won't know what the differance of bike brands are,
    b) bike brands are hard to spot at a distance.
  4. Re: Indoctrinating our kids to look for motorbikes

    Nice post and if followed through could actually be another (albeit generational) weapon to combat SMIDSY - as a parent though I'm not keen on Game B, but each to their own - with two boys I think a bit of bif will occur without the need endorse or encourage.

    My 19 month old can only say a few words but is already playing this game - but uses the word "vroom vroom" whether the bike is infront, behind, to the side or no where in eyesight but can be heard. He has also commandeered a pair of my riding gloves for his tricycle so ATGATT is also being introduced. I think this will be an easy game to introduce and spread. Since learning to ride my four nieces and nephews also look out for bikes in the hope it may be me or if not always wave anyway, the boys also like a good loud rev some loud pipes, so even if there are no young uns in your family you can still contribute by engaging them.

    Again top post, I'll be doing my bit with my two sons.
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  5. Re: Indoctrinating our kids to look for motorbikes

    Yeah, I agree, I guess I was thinking of kids about 10-15. The difficulty to tell between bike types at a distance puts a little stratergy into the game where they have to wait to verify the bike type so they don't lose a point, but risk giving a point to their brother/sister.

    So for younger kids, rather than yelling 'motorbike' simplify it to one of the above for all bikes. Which one depends if you are a scoo, spoo or croo rider.

    And then when they get older you can introduce the harder rules, this way, if it catches on everyone is playing a similar game.
  6. Re: Indoctrinating our kids to look for motorbikes

    Also, what parent does not love playing spotting games with their kids? We may be targeting the next generation, but it could very well work from the get go as soon as it passes to non riding famlies.
  7. Re: Indoctrinating our kids to look for motorbikes

    My two boys already look for bikes when we are out driving. But it is more like "Daddy, I want you to get a bike like that one". Just need to convince the wife to play this game too........

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  8. Re: Indoctrinating our kids to look for motorbikes

    Said it in another thread - this game should be part of the driving test.
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    Maybe instead of 'PUNCH DUCK' something like 'DUKE DUCK' with a slap over the back of the head, makes a little more sense to the duck factor in my mind and makes it it's own :p

  10. Re: Indoctrinating our kids to look for motorbikes

    I agree with 665, keep it simple, the kids will make up their own local rules, if we make it to hard they will not play.... IMO
  11. Re: Indoctrinating our kids to look for motorbikes

    I had a friend once who owned an old beetle. He said the reason he bought it was for the pleasure of knowing that where ever he went he was causing kids to belt each other.

    If I can get "Scooby slap" started I think I will have the same pleasure.
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  12. Re: Indoctrinating our kids to look for motorbikes

    Kids already notice bikes on the road,
    I always zoom in close and give them a wave, Which gets them going like crazy,

    It is slowly happening, That drivers are starting to look for bikes,

    I would say one in five see bikes, and they do pull over a bit to allow us to pass,
    I always wave thanks as I pass,

    I think it has a lot to do with a lot more people taking up riding, and some one in the family circle or friends ride,
    Even whole familys that ride.

    Those little toy bikes that kids ride, Will one day, be a Big motor cycle on the road, Its called Progress,

    And no matter what TAC and their Ilk think of Bikes,

    They are getting snow balled by the increase of Motor cycles on the road,

    You will probably get a visit from the relevant govt body, for advocating violence to children with your game,

    There are laws against it, Dont you know,

    Political correctness gone Mad,

    Its the old, I spy game, Played it most of my life with my own and familys kids,

    All kids will play it, It Keeps them occupied while travelling.

  13. Re: Indoctrinating our kids to look for motorbikes

    Could be some serious injuries if played a "Harley Hit" game and a pack of Harleys goes past.
  14. Re: Indoctrinating our kids to look for motorbikes

    Duck Duck Goose - a game to spot Ducatis and Hyosungs
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  15. Re: Indoctrinating our kids to look for motorbikes

    Nah, as long as it's only encouraging kids to fight among each other and you are not betting on the outcome it should be fine.
  16. Re: Indoctrinating our kids to look for motorbikes

    What a good idea.

    My kids are older (16 and 22) so they are a bit passed this, so we've made it a bit more difficult. When you hear a bike you have to try and pick how many cylinders, capacity and make before seeing it, then the first one to pick the model gets bonus points.
  17. Re: Indoctrinating our kids to look for motorbikes

    Good idea smileedude (y)

    Im still a fair way off kids, but could be good to play with younger nieces/nephews in the car, and when i do eventually have kids.

    Ever since i started riding family members have commented that they seem to take notice of bikes more on the roads in general, so introducing something like this to the kids can only be another step in the right direction IMO :)
  18. I generally wave at kids in cars, their excited squeals alert their less than attentive parents to my existence.
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  19. Re: Indoctrinating our kids to look for motorbikes

    Can anyone take this idea to a few other forums? Would be good to spread it around as much as possible.

    Any other ideas how you could spread the word of this?
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    Re: Indoctrinating our kids to look for motorbikes

    ...see a duck....instant latte stop