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Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by KharmaKazi, Sep 17, 2016.

  1. just an observation from today.

    i'm crook atm, so on the way back from the docs this morning and coming up to a roundabout in my cage "to go across"
    a green bike was coming the other way with a passenger on.
    they looked like they were going straight through the roundabout, but they were turning right "around the roundabout"
    at the last minute i saw a "tiny" indicator.

    now if i wasn't bike aware i would of gone through.
    the indicator on the bike was barely even visible it was that tiny.
    from what i could see they were after market LED indicators that are put on to make the bike look better than having the bulky ones that the bike originally comes with.

    iv'e been told recently by a cpl of friends i should get rid of my original indicators and get flush mounted LED ones.
    today made my mind up to keep my originals as id'e rather be seen than look cool.

    just my 2c for today...
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  2. Have to agree, many of the aftermarket led indicators are rubbish.
    A friend of mine put some on his R6, (12 leds in each one) they lasted about 2 hours.
    I couldn't see them from behind and showed him the video from my bike.
    Back to the Yamaha originals straight away.

    Please don't give up yor own safety for bling.
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  3. Once again highlighting the stupidity of riders who put looks over function. As if riding wasn't dangerous enough already, without making dozy gits in cars guess what you might be doing......
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  4. I've got LED ones on the XSR. I was really wary about putting them on but they had them on a demo in the showroom and when I saw how bright they are I was happy. The only thing I don't like about them is the low side lighting you get from them and I have been tempted to get some bar end indicators to help with that.

    If they weren't as visible and bright as they are I'd not have gotten them for sure, gotta be seen.
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  5. agree with all posts above. I've got some little rizomas on the ape and they are super bright, probably as bright if not brighter than the originals though obviously a lot smaller.
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  6. I have genuine yammy led indicators. They're not that much smaller than stock but brighter.
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  7. My BMW has LEDs standard, there are some very good aftermarket LEDs out there but unfortunately there are a hell of a lot more very cheap nasty little units out there especially on fleabay, mostly Chinese, may look allright but they're bloody useless visibility wise, either go for the quality units or stick with the OEM units!
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  8. Good stuff,if ya get a chance can you bang a few different angle photos in the club thread mate,
    Did you put extra resistors in or just straight out of the box.
  9. thought I had mate, here's a couple. will post them up in Thunderstruck also. not sure if they needed extra resistors or not as the dealer fitted them for me.

    IMG_1556[1].JPG IMG_1557[1].JPG
    IMG_1558[1].JPG IMG_1559[1].JPG
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  10. you get what you pay for i guess, been looking at the Rizoma's too for the R1, thanks for the pics chilliman64chilliman64
    also want to get their rearsets too when i can...
    where did you get your Yami one's BerekBerek
  11. I think there's something spooky about indicators that's beginning to scare me...

    It seems when I'm riding - very few seem to see my right indicator as I turn at roundabouts, but when I've accidently left my left indicator on people seem to see it every time.

    I've since swapped my right and left indicators over to make the right side more visible and now feel much safer. ;)
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  12. hmmm, looks like iv'e jinxed myself :mad:

    just went to go for my first ride in a week and a half and no indicators at all, no hazards either, no parkers and no tail light.
    had the helmet cam going but don't think i'll be able to show anything as lots of swearing and gave it a bit of stick to see if that would sort it out "it didn't" lol.

    oh well, just about to check fuses, hopefully it's just that...
  13. Check the wiring and the blinker relay/controller thingy. I had this happen to a car years ago, turned out that a wire from the dash had been damaged and that caused none of the indicators to work even the hazards. Hopefully it is something simple!
  14. Cheers d_n2blued_n2blue

    turned out to be just a fuse, so all good again now.
    now i can't be bothered putting all the gear back on and heading out for a ride. :depressed:
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  15. From the local bike shop. They keep them in stock because indicators seem to get damaged alot and they can upsell :rolleyes:
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  16. Followed a twat on a ninja yesterday. I call him a twat because he was on the highway in singlet, shorts, gloves and work boots, so I already had formed an opinion of him. He turned off highway and went a similar route as me for a while, and was further irritating me as he wasn't indicating for any of the turns. It was only just as we were parting ways at an intersection, in the shade, that I noticed he had LED rear indicators that I could only just make out in a well shaded area. Don't know what he had on the front, but with those rear indicators he seriously risks getting rear ended.