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Indicators stopped working on Hyosung Gt250

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by somerider, Aug 21, 2008.

  1. Hi guys
    Bought a new GT250 the other day and took it for its first proper ride today. got about 20km from home and the indicators just stopped working. So i pull over and have a play with the switch thinking it was jammed or something. all of a sudden they work again. So I head home just incase they stop again. 2 km down the road they stop again.

    So i pull over again and play with the switch for 20 mins. Nothing. All the other controls on the left handle work fine(lights etc) and when i push the indicator switch to the left there is a quiet click that comes from under the seat with the battery and electric gear.

    So im assuming the switch itself is ok and that some electrical component is failing to pass on the current. Im no electrician but i thought perhaps unhooking the battery could reset any electrical components. That didnt help either. Ive also pushed all the electrical connectors i can find into their sockets nice and hard.

    The bike is under warranty so ill take it back to the dealer but its gonna take a while getting it on a trailer etc. I was hoping someone might have some advice...it may be a simple fix?

    Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.
    Oh and dont bother replying if you just plan on telling me i bought a piece of korean crap.
  2. Hey there mate, had the same problem with my bike a few weeks back, checked all fuses and wires and i just replced the electronic flasher and they worked again. Might be your flasher too, they are cheap, about $10 from supercheap... If this is not the problem i have no idea, sorry mate. Oh and btw nothing wrong with the hyosungs :)
  3. Cheers for the reply. I figured it was probably something simple like that...i mean they are only indicators. I will give the guys at the dealer a call tomorrow and tear them a new one. Hopefully il get one of them out to fix it at my place...dont like my chances tho.

    I was really really looking forward to giving it a good ride on the weekend
  4. Welcome to netrider :)

    I have an 08 Hyosung GT250R with 4000kmson the clock..

    No dramas as yet..

    I do like this bike and cant compare it to anything yet as its the first bike I have riden apart from what I got my learners on..lol

    There is a good dedicated Hyosung Forum here http://www.korider.com
  5. Now that the indicators have stopped, the rest of the bike will soon fail too.
  6. He said not to say crap about the bike.Saying something like this doesnt help the situation does it MVrog?
  7. I have a lack of self control.
  8. and a moderator too...

    if its *new* new take it back. Dont fiddle with it, just rock up and say fix it..
  9. Welcome to dungflung ownership and NR.

    Buggered if I know why the brand new indicators carcked it... I sincerely believe it wont be your last problem... but I daren't say any more lest I invoke Thera's and NSR's wrath... :LOL: ...Thera did give fair advice though, send it back.

    By the way, it's Australian law that everyday you don't have your bike during a warranty repair, it's another day added to the warranty period. Store that tidbit away.
  10. LMAO @ the Mods!!
    lowersung :p
  11. :LOL:

    Such restraint shown mate! How are you controlling the urge? :wink: :p
  12. i didnt know they had indicators.
  13. where's gozbil? :LOL:
  14. I think buying one "indicates" that you will have never ending trouble!!! lol :p
  15. Just take it back mate [after checking the fuses]. Don't stress Hyosungs are great bikes in the main as long as you get them serviced reguarly. This will pick up any issues as you go along.

    I had an indicator problem that was a jagged wire, simple two minute fix and alls good.
  16. Well thanks to the 2 people who actually posted something useful.
    I know the bike is no Honda but i believe its a good starter bike. I have talked to a lot of people who have hyos and none have described any serious issues with them.

    I didnt buy the bike expecting the worksmanship to be of the same level as a jap bike. Like with everything you get what you pay for and as a student I cant afford the quality of a jap bike.

    I was tossing up between this bike and a VTR250. But i would have had to get 6+year VTR to meet my budget. Not knowing much about bikes the chance of getting a 6 year old lemon was off putting so i went with a brand new cheaper bike with warranty.

    In short...I realise that all you hard core bike enthusiasts wont ever agree with my choice but no one is asking you to ride it so lay off with the endless negativity.

    The folks at the dealer are coming out to my place to fix it today :) I will post what went wrong for those who are interested.

    Thanks again to the guys who helped.
  17. Just goes to show that on most bikes a 2 year warranty is a nice backup whereas with a flungdung it's a necessity...

    Although they'll fix it for nothing, they won't sort you out for the trailer or time wasted getting it there and back so it's not really a 0 cost option
  18. Stigger you really have to move on mate, this obsession with Hyosung is going to lead you to an early grave. Move on mate, I have sympathy for your issues with your bike and understand your perspective but all this anger and hate can't be good.
  19. For the price of a new GT250 you could have bought a 1 - 2 year old VTR250 or an ex-demo with full warranty...

    How's that Blue :wink: :LOL: