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Indicators >please remember to turn them off

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by LadyRider, Aug 17, 2006.

  1. Hi Everyone
    i have been out most of today
    on and off
    both in the car and on the bike

    i noticed a near Miss
    as a bike still had the indicator on
    and was going straight ahead
    and kept going straight ahead
    Be careful out there everyone

  2. Yeah, I've noticed that a lot lately too. People just seem to be forgeting their indicators. Maybe it's the sunny weather.
  3. I did that the other day for about 500m, felt like a complete tool when my girlfriend pointed it out. (Luckily she was in the cage behind me, or it could have been worse...)

    Thanks for the reminder Lady Rider, and let me congratulate on your fine choice of ride.
  4. weird... unless he/she doesn't look at the meters... The amber light should blink blink blink..
  5. I was going to go on a long ride yesterday up the Spur, but with all the stories of late I wasn't keen.
    We decided on a jaunt around town instead (much to my friends disapointment), I just wasn't right, he had to signal to me twice during the afternoon to switch my indicators off, I'm glad I didn;'t go up the spur now, I just wasn't on the ball yesterday for some unknown reason.
  6. May be these folk are used to self cancelling indicators in their cages.
    Wouldn't want to be conveying the wrong message.
  7. OK, old geezer comment here, look away if you want.

    In 1978 Yamaha released the RD-400, and it had SELF-CANCELLING indicators, and they trickled through to the rest of the range. (They were time-based, and so sometimes switched off BEFORE you went round the corner, and sometime after that they must have been dropped...)

    But ye gods, people, it's nearly 30 years later, we have computer-controlled sidestands, for heaven's sake; is it beyond the wit of the world's manufacturers to revisit this and get it right????
  8. i know what you mean
    about a partner waveing
    to her partner in to Turn of the B&&@dy indicator off
    i am constantly telling my man he is a dill :shock:

    Thanks re my Bike Pete
    i am perty chuffed with it
    i was only going to baysy to pick up an embroidered bike vest
    and ended up going for a 178 klm ride around the ranges
    well the sun was shineing the birds were singing
    why should i be stuck inside :LOL:
    am sticking to that excuse :-w

    at this rate it will be the 5000 klm rather than the 3 mths warranty
    i get to first
  9. Yep, it takes a while to get used to it again (and I agree, surely it shouldn't be that hard to do something with a lean sensor or accelerometer that can tell when we turn a corner), but I'm gradually getting there... It's definitely a danger issue.
  10. Must admit that after getting back on the bike after more years than I care to remember, I'm finding the hardest thing is remembering to turn the bloody indicators off.

  11. It would be easy to do with some sort of motion switch. Just set it up so it triggers at teh bike comes upright or as the bars come back to centre. Or even a switch on the gear lever, one would assume that going around a corner you would change up or down after the corner.
    Seems they have the money for other "safety" items like sidestand switches and clutch switches.
    I am amazed too.....

    Regards, Andrew.
  12. Seems someone has patented a device for self-cancelling indicators that's a lot more advanced than just a timer - 26 years ago!
    US Patent 433071
  13. But there is at least one manufacturer that cops a hiding on this Forum, who have had them for years. With three different timings no less depending on the speed you turn them on the longer/shorter they stay on......... :p :p :p :p

  14. True, and they work quite well. HD can't claim credit for the technology though, back in the late 60's and early 70's you could easily buy a DIY timer kit, and that was before all bikes even had to have indicators. Full marks to HD for fitting them though, I can't see why others don't.
  15. Here too :oops:

    I have actually started looking around when I would normally turn it on, and if nobody's about I don't even bother, then I don't have to remember to switch it off again. (flamesuit on :p )
  16. Me too, and I don't even have the excuse of having been away from riding for a few years. My excuse is that the bikes I rode as a youngster didn't have fangle dangle stuff like indicators.....so there..... :p
  17. My wife teases me in the car for indicating when there's no-one around for miles: for me it's just completely automatic and that way I don't have to think about it, whereas she judges the need at every corner. But yeah, I'm a bit like triway, at least in places like our estate... if there's no-one to whom I need to indicate my intentions, I won't indicate.
  18. I got a weird look the other day whilst driving along in the cage and i pulled up next to what looked like a 2006 ZX636 with a very proud new owner on it... i did the hand opening & closing thing to let him know he still left his indicator on. Poor guy thought i was just ogling his new bike, instead i was letting him know he'd forgotten to stop indicating.
  19. Not cancelling indicators is a problem and dangerous. That is why most drivers of European cars don't use indicators. Thinking that if they don't use the indicators, they won't have any problem. :mad: :jerk:

    Seriously, not indiating creates as much danger as not cancelling.
  20. Absolute Bollocks!!!!

    I indicate at every corner..... what does european cars have to do with it???

    you watched any Commode drivers lately??? or ANY brand for that matter... it's not the car... it's the darn drivers!!!