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Indicators on the '06 GSXR?!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Kurtis_Strange, Dec 4, 2005.

  1. I assume you have all seen them?


    Personally I don't like this indicator on the mirror look at all :?

    The other manufacturers haven't gone this way so I hope this is an optional and not the way all new gixxers are going to come out?

    What do other people think of this?
  2. Can't say i like it much either. Standard position lower down looks mad imho. Like little gun turrets or something.
  3. I dont see a problem with it at all. I would be happy with them there!
  4. Yeah, they look absolutely shocking. Would never buy that bike purely because of the indicators being in the "wrong" spot :LOL: :LOL: Yeah right
  5. Nah i dont like em.

    Rather they stay in the original spot that way you can just swap em for flushmounts and rip the mirrors off...
  6. i dont really mind them at all..... :)
    i really like the rear of them now
    looks sweet lol
  7. oh yeah I think the rear looks sweet, just not the indicators on the mirrors...I'd rather they were on the body somewhere

    I think I saw an 06 model at the bike show without this, so hopefully its optional.
  8. I like it it looks dcent
  9. it looks ok. doesnt mean you can rip off the mirrors, re-route the indicator wiring and plonk them somewhere on the fairing. :D most of the mirrors these days look shocking and are only there for ADRs anyway right?
  10. i think they look good up there. cleans up the sides of the bike and makes things easier for track days, just unbolt the mirror stalks.
  11. I've got a merkin that says it wasn't an '06.

    Ah-huh. You walk into a Suzuki dealership, agree to buy a brand-new 2006-model GSX-R600, and you're handed an options checklist, which includes the following item:

    Front indicators; mirror-mount (checkbox) fairing-mount (checkbox)

    How plausible does that sound?
  12. not very. but at the show there was one on the suzuki stand without indicator mirrors
  13. It would've been a current model, then, just as they had it at the GeePee Expo.
  14. i'm not a fan of the indicators....
  15. lol or you can just rip the mirrors off anyway and still put flushmounts in their place :wink:
  16. I'm going to buck the 'style' trend and say that from a safety point of view, I believe all the other manufacturers will follow. The indicators are up level with the back window/mirrors of most cars, and that's GOT to be good for the 'I didn't see him' problem.
  17. I think they look very modern and dare I say BMWish. Nice and high and visible. I might be a dag, but I dont like those teensy little indicators everyone has. I dont want to give cagers even more excuses for hitting me.
  18. True but youd have to cut holes or somethin yeah? I always like to be able to put things back to original for when it comes time to sell...

    Or did you mean where the mirrors attach somehow?
  19. No mate,greggs flushmounts will fit straight over the same holes the mirrors leave. :wink: So theres no stress about returning to original condition 8)

  20. Ah ok, i shoulda realised such a thing would be available for those bikes that have em on the mirrors...

    Im still tryin to find a reasonably priced set of block off plates to cover my mirror holes, or find someone whos handy enough to make some :D