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indicators not working CBR250

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' at netrider.net.au started by DrHash, Mar 28, 2016.

  1. Hi all
    Tis is a very simple problem, but one that is too much for my little Brain and terrible mechanical skills...
    I bought a cbr250 which has aftermarket indicators fitted (the little LED ones) which are not working at all. Even the l little green dash light doesn't come on when I turn them on.

    I have replaced the fuse, and cleaned the indicator switch ear with contact cleaner (it was not very dirty) but to no avail. Indicators still not turning on. I have the original indicators in a box (the larger orange ones) which I would rather fit to the bike anyway as they are easier to see/safer in my opinion.

    So can anyone in Melbourne please help by....
    1) recommending a good mobile Mechanic?
    2) coming over the switch them (obviously I can pay you for your time)
    I am in the abbotford (richmond) area.

    The bike is a 2012 cbr 250r in very good condition (4000km). So I think it is probably a wiring issue and laughably easy to fix...
  2. Can you use a multimeter? Even a cheap one from dick smith or something is so helpful for problems like this... I'm an electrician when I'm trying to fund my motorbike habits so happen to have a very good multimeter, but maybe jaycar or somewhere would have a cheap one that will not be super accurate, but will at least tell you that there is or there is not 12 volts here when there should or shouldn't be...

    If you've looked at the wiring harness and the plugs are all in correctly (if you haven't done that, please do), and you're exhausted otherwise, check youtube. Bit of a worry that the instrument panel isn't indicating either, but it may just be a loose plug so make sure they're all tight.

    I was a bit stuck getting the driver door panel off my old Corolla years ago and five minutes on YouTube had me a six minute video listing all the tools required and exactly what to do and where and in what order to remove the panel, fix the power window switch, reinstate the panel whilst keeping waterproofing intact, and drive off into the sunset. This was before the bike dayz, but the point is the same - if at first you don't succeed, there's a smartass on YouTube who can do it better than you anyway and won't even try to make you feel stupid while they teach you for free.
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  3. the indicators may be connected backwards, as LED's have polarity, but normal bulbs don't...

    or it could be something else..
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    Wiring Diagram attached. More later.

  5. What he said, check the wiring for correct polarity.
    Just as an added note : led indicators require an addition load resistor or a special flasher can to work properly ( ie. get them working and if the flash rate is way to fast then you have this problem )
  6. Hey Steve, thanks for your reply. I'm pretty hopeless with mechanical or electrical stuff so that really... I should have changed the thread title to "please recommend a mobile Mechanic in Melbourne....". To put this in perspective, even basic stuff like the fuses involved a trip to bunnings (who don't sell fuses)then a trips to a servo for fuses and a set of pliers. Then a trip to bursons for contact cleaner when that didn't work... Etc etc so I've spent more on this already than I really feel like it deserves...
  7. Fair call. Even a mate who's in to cars should be able to help you fault find a problematic indicator. Make sure there's a six pack in your fridge and put the word out...