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Indicators- FIXED

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Envy-t, Jul 9, 2008.

  1. I have normal incandescent indicators and have noticed that when they are on and I am travelling at 85+ km/hr they flash so fast they could cause an epileptic fit! As soon as the revs drop, they start to flash normally.

    Any clues as to why or is this a normal occurrence in older bikes?



  2. check that your reg/rec is still in tact, and working. it may be functioning poorly, allowing more volts/current through as the revs pick up.
    the reg/rec is on a bike to rectify the electricity from your alternator, changing it from Alternating Current, to Direct Current. The regulator, regulates how much voltage passes through. if it is not regulating it to somewhere between 12.8-15ish volts, you have problems.

    test this by placing a multimeter on the battery terminals as your bike is idling, and note the voltage. then rev the bike, and note any changes to the indicated voltage.

    If there is no sign of regulator issues, check the flasher unit. however, they usually just shit themselves, rather than act up.
  3. Thanks buddy. Will grab a multi metre tomorrow and try it out.
  4. Sounds like regulator to me too. Let us know how you go, and make sure
    you top up your battery with water (if it is that kind of battery), don't let
    it boil dry.
  5. Well I have fixed the issue (I think!).

    Bought a new battery as the other thing was well and truly old and not holding it's charge properly. This didn't fix the problem.

    A multimetre on the battery was 13.8v and the specs I have found say it should be between 13 and 16 volts @ 5000rpm. At 5000rpm it is 14.4 and that is the highest reading it showed all the way to redline.

    I bought a new NARVA flasher and hooked it up this morning, and the problem seems to be solved.I took it for a quick blat on the fwy and looked like a dick as I left the indicators on and was changing left to right to make sure, lucky there was no traffic,lol. I now distinctly remember that when I bought the bike, I could here the tick, tick of the flasher. It had gone very quiet. The new narva flasher is quite audible.

    Thanks for the help gents, this place is great for info.

  6. The output of the altenator/generator will be between 13 and 16 volts. But the regulator will make sure the battery doesn't overcharge, as this kills tham quickly. When the bike is switched off, you battery should hold at least 12.4volts. When running, at idle should be 13 to 14.4volts.
    So it sounds to me as if everything is fine. You may find you had a faulty indicator, either wiring or globe.
    At least you have it running again.
  7. Indicators are all good, they were only purchased from PS 3 weeks ago.

    I don't think it helped, I could be wrong, but the flasher has GS 125 on it. Can a flasher for a smaller capacity motor and smaller battery fail because of to much current?
  8. Shouldn't be a problem. You're still just putting the same number of
    volts in, and getting light for 2 globes (at a time) out of it.