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Indicators - electrics

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by nooneuknow, Oct 5, 2005.

  1. Hey guys,
    Firstup thanks for all ur help in the past!
    Now i need all your (brilliant) minds again.

    Got the baby (zzr250) serviced less than 2wks ago. indicators were working fine when i dropped it off (had previously replaced flasher relay about 2months before), altho the mech called me and said they'd found a prob w/ the electrics but were able to fix it.

    Anyway, picked up bike. Was all good. Indicators worked. Just realised today that neither are working. No buzzing sound (like when the flasher went), and no blinker works - back or front.

    Any ideas on what a non-mechanically minded girl could do???

    and yes will prob take it back, but wondering if its something simple i can attempt myself...

    cheers guys!
  2. fuse...

    1. how do i check?
    2. do i have to buy one first to work out if thats what it is?
    3. can i get one at any auto part place, or need bike place?
    4. estimate cost (dont imagine it could be much...)

  3. location?

    if you're in melb i could have a look at it for u
  4. 1. Pull it out and look at it (it's in the fuse box).
    2. No, you can usually tell a blown fuse by looking at the fuse itself (through the clear plastic, to see if the metal is intact).
    3. Any.
    4. Less than a dollar.

  5. Location...

    In Sydney Andy. :)
    But appreciate the offer :)
  6. First look in your manual for where to find the fuses.
    Remove cover and prise out indicator fuse.
    Check to see if the filiment is intact (OK) or in two halves (stuffed).

    If it is stuffed you will need a new fuse of the same rating either 10 or 15 amp, there may be a spare in the fuse box otherwise try any servo.


    If it blows again then you have a short circuit somewhere, which may need expert hands to rectify.

  7. Also.

    The indicator flaheser unit relies on earthing to work. Mark sure all the wires are connected to the unit correctly and the wire that goes to earth is earthed properly.

    After you check that, the switch itself is the likely candidate.