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Indicators dead on new GS500

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Silmaril, Jan 10, 2008.

  1. Hi all,
    The indicators on my GS500 are behaving very eratically. When I switch the ignition to on, if I turn either indicator on I'll get one blink then nothing. Start the engine, still nothing. Turn engine off, turn ignition on, maybe one blink maybe nothing.

    I've checked that the battery connections aren't loose, but beyond that I've no idea where to start.

    I'd take it back for repair under warranty, but that's a 200km round trip.

    Any ideas?
  2. It'll be the blinker unit itself. Had it happen once in the 22 years I've been riding this one. It may well be covered under warranty but a 200 k round trip for a $20 part ?? I don't know where it lives on the GS but it isn't hard to change one.
  3. Yes my money is on the flasher unit as well. The trouble is that it's probably a Suzuki motorbike part so you'd have to go to the shop anyway...
  4. You may have one bulb blown, but shorted or similar.

    More likely you have a bad earth somewhere.
  5. Could be a bad earth, these account for 80% of bike electrical problems. My Gs had indicator problems and I ran an extra earth from within the headlight. If it is you flasher unit, it lives behind the side panel. Just buy a 12V flasher unit from AutoPro/Supercheap and pay $5. They work just as well as the overpriced Suzuki unit.
  6. Thanks for the ideas all.
    Not knowing what a flasher unit looks like and not having a shop manual, I'll probably just take it in to the local mechanic. Don't like riding it without indicators, and I don't like not riding!
  7. Check the bulbs to make sure they're ok, and the sockets as well. If they've corroded, it would cause problems.

    The turn signal relay is next to the rectifier/regulator on the right hand side. You'll need to take off your seat, and then the tail fairing to get at it. (unbolt the grab handle, and then the four bolts holding it down, and then pop it out from the front back. You'll need to disconnect the seat lock from the switch, but don't forget to reconnect it!)
  8. if it's a new bike, it's quite possible that the flasher relay came DOA with a sticking contact. Why wasn't it picked up in the pre-delivery inspection?
    Pick it up and adapt the contacts, then try it. if it is the Flasher unit, keep that one, go back to suzuki, and pick up a replacement. You now have a spare. :p
  9. It's about a month old now. Indicators were working when I got it.
  10. Ta. Will have a squiz in daylight. Would a faulty relay explain the one flash I get from them? One manual I read suggested if it was the bulbs or sockets, I'd get one side flashing but not the other.. ?
  11. Thanks for your help all - particularly ginji!
    Pulled the fairing off, found the regulator - it's faulty.
    Will go hunting for a replacement :D
  12. No problem. If you want a manual for the bike, I mine, a Haynes one, from the Pitstop Bookshop (in fact, I was the person that got them to import the new one from the UK ;)) http://www.pitstop.net.au/view/bikes-suzuki-mc/page/query/plu/19410/