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Indicator Woes

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by unclewal, Feb 26, 2006.

  1. HI all, hoping someone can shed some light on this subject, noticed on my way home from the shops the other day that all of a sudden my indicators didnt work at all, neither direction. No matter the amount of jiggling of the switch the indicators refused to come on. Sure enough as i get home they start working again. So i decided to take it for a ride tonight and make sure all was well, after copious testing at home, same thing happened in the middle of a lane change and they just stop, i pull over wait a few mins then presto they work for a further 2 mins then stop for another mintue then they are fine. Any suggestions ? All suggestions appreciated. I am currently riding a 91 Suzuki Bandit (GSF250).

  2. Has the bike been in weather of late? Maybe it just needs a spray of WD-40 into the switch block.
  3. loose connection, or a wire broken. May even a little corrosion on the connector. That would be my first check.
  4. Thanks, it was in heavy rain 2 days ago and it only started, might rip the switch board out now and take a look. I'm no electrician but i will give it a whirl.
  5. Cut the blue wire first. The yellow one is wired as a booby trap, and we'll all go sky high.
  6. Damn had i known that i coulda saved my left eyebrow, oh well too late now.
    Well atleast the indicators dont work at all now, just went out with my tool kit turned the bike on turn the indicator on then hey presto no indicators at all, the wiring looks fine no rust on the contacts, gave it a good hit of WD40 and nothing, looks like mechanic it is, cause something be broke.
  7. :LOL: I remember something from good guys bad guys i think it was...

    As hes about to choose the wire to cut...

    "Red for danger, Green for frogs"

    Made me laugh :)
  8. damn i dont want to go back to a normal commuter, i am gonna get stuck in traffic and miss all the joys of lane splitting. Oh well hopefully i can get a shop to take a look at it tomorrow.
  9. sounds like the flasher relay/can to me.. i think i read right but they work good to satrt with and then stop.. then if you leave for a while they work again ??
  10. Yeah thats about right except they are not working at all now, the flasher relay/can where would one find it ? I know what they look like if they are similar to car flasher/cans
  11. flasher could have completely burnt out. not sure where they are though or what they look like on your bike..
  12. can anyone suggest a good local mechanic (Melbourne, Footscray Area) that deals with grey imports ? Normally i perform the mechanical work myself but electrics arent my prefered place of operation.
  13. The wiring on the grey import bandit's no different to the Aus delivered version so any Suzuki dealer should be able to work on it. I think the flasher relay is located under the fuel tank, up near the radiator cap - but that whole area is a maze of wiring so can't be sure.
  14. Sweet as, thanks to all for your assistance. Will give suzuki a ring in the morning and see what they can do.
  15. Flasher can relay replaced and unclewal is back on the road again, all for the bargain price of $12. Gotta say if you need top mechanics and your over on the west side Race Replica on Geelong Road is a must visit, top blokes and they wont rip you off.