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Indicator trouble-shooting

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by mattb, Oct 1, 2007.

  1. Spent some time this evening trying to fix an indicator problem and it's got me beat.

    The right side indicators (both) are not working. This problem came out of nowhere. The left are flashing too fast, the right do not flash, but when the switch is turned to the right, the bike's other lights wax and wane at the same speed as the left indicator's flash. With the left indicators on, the indicator dash light flashes, as it should, but it does not flash when the right indicators are attempted. I discovered the horn does not work (also new problem), and perhaps that is related.

    I checked all the bulbs and their brackets. I checked all the indicators were earthed at their brackets as they should be. I checked all wires. I put in a new flasher relay (flashed slower, but otherwise no difference). I checked the wiring from each indicator, as well as within the headlight. I opened up the switch and inspected it. I WD40'd everything.

    Does the problem as I've described it point to something in particular I should be looking at? I just went through everything checking it made a circuit, blind of any theoretical knowledge of what I should be looking for, given this behaviour.

    Thanks, Matt

  2. Probably an earthing prob
  3. Because your horn doesn't work too, maybe its a bad connection on your left hand switchgear?
  4. check the earthing of the left hand switch assembly. Trace it back.
  5. Finally fixed it tonight. I don't know the technical terms, but there's a piece of plastic, like a washer, which sits at the base of the indicator bulb and insulates it and seats the bulb against the spring, and which holds the wire in place to connect with the base of the bulb. That had cracked, letting the wire fall through. Obvious enough no doubt to somebody familiar with the internals of an indicator, but not to me...until now... :) Thanks for the responses. It's so much nicer to have right-hand indicators!!

  6. good stuff. this is part of the fun of playing with older bikes. Some times the problem is not immediately obvious, but very much so in retrospect.
  7. Good advice, mate...:grin:
  8. goose.