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Indicator switch sticking

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Roybot, Aug 7, 2007.

  1. Any ideas what I can use to get my indicator switch a bit smoother, it occasionally doesn't cancel or gets caught when i indicate right...

  2. Give it as good spray with WD40 whilst working the switch. Many bikes suffer the same thing, this has always solved it for me.

    I wouldn't recommend opening it up though, the innards can be quite fiddly!
  3. true

    but after riding the VFR400 with a dodgy indicator switch for 3 years i decided to finally drop in the deep end since i am selling it and it was the one dodgy thing left to look at

    strip and clean, contact cleaner , remove all the gunge and wouldnt you know its like brand spanking new now :D
  4. don't use WD40, it tends to burn when there are make/break contacts and electricity.
    I'd suggest an electronics contact cleaner liberally blasted in and aroun dthe switch.
    Mind you, switch blocks aren't too hard to disassemble if you are so inclined, and will make for a much more thorough job.

    Regards, Andrew.
  5. Thanks for the advice guys, much needed, it's been bloody annoying, going to see what I can do this weekend
  6. got hold of some Wurth, Contact O.L. this contact cleaner is expencive but works brilantley. olny available to mechanics so pop on over to that bike shop on bondi road, the suzuki place, (forgot his name) or the honda one in charring cross. never new his name... any how the contacts on the yamaha switches furr up a lot......actuly all do except kawasakis...

    pull it apart but do it in a clean area with a clean cloth over the switch to catch any springs in there. been a while since i'v stripped one but i remeber there being a spring loaded contact the flys accross the room when pulled apart.

    give it a go. you never learn if not.
  7. Thanks for that, I'm just around the corner from the one on bondi rd, so im going to drop by, i'm also going to try pulling it apart... what's the worst that can happen? nobody answer that.
  8. CYCLE CRAFT. used to have a brilant pic on the wall in there of a katana jumping at the isle of mann.

    i think dave was the owners name. but i havent been there for years....about 15 come to think of it.
  9. Another thing to consider is that the switch block itself is not done up too tight on the handle bar. If it is it can distort the switch block and cause the indicator to stick.

    When I got my MZ 2 months ago the indicator switch would not go back to the middle position even though it is spring loaded. I found that the switch block was tightened way too tight via the 2 screws that hold it all together. I had tried a shot of WD40 first but this did nothing. So I backed off the screws just a wee bit and now the indicator switch works fine.
  10. Pull it apart. Use a good quality, right-sized phillips head on the screws because they can be easily rounded. Contact cleaner (any shit will do, seriously) avoiding the screen (!) and paintwork, dab of electronic compatible grease, reassemble, forget for a few years.

    Water does get in so do a proper job- you want not just smooth action but to stop corrosion as well. Shorting switchgear can do all sorts of unwanted things at the wrong moment.