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Indicator still on.... How can you tell them?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Asura, Aug 18, 2008.

  1. Riding into work this morning I was about to pass another rider (3 lane freeway - he's in the middle, I was in the outside) but I see his right indicator is on.

    Being a nice sort of guy I hang back and give him a nice big gap to move out into but he just carries on in his own lane.

    Later on down the road I see him again, still in the same lane and still with the right indicator going... I considered trying to tell him but a full face helmet and freeway speeds do not lend themselves to easy conversation and any other signals (eg. getting in front of him and flicking my own indicators on and off or something) would probably just cause confusion for him and other road users.

    So how would you do it - or do you just let him go on his merry way?
  2. Pass him, get in front, turn on your indicator & point to it.
  3. If your in front of the guy, put your indicator on and off a few times. They usually get the message then.
  4. go in front of him slow down and put your hazard light on
  5. When I was learning to ride, I left my indicators on a few times and my instructor would pass me to be in front, hold his hand up and open and close his fist a few times. Even though he'd never discussed this signal with me, it was very obvious what he was communicating. I reckon this might do it.
  6. if he was in the middle lane maybe he was slowly overtaking the guy in the left lane
  7. Overtaking... for 5 k's?

    Well he was riding a cruiser but even so...! :p

    Thanks for all your answers.
  8. Yeah that should do it.

    Done it a few times, always worked.
  9. I was riding my old bike once and my indicator got stuck to blinking right, had a few people letting me know and a few cars flashing light at me, the worst part is I knew the thing was on
  10. Universal way is to pass them and then open and close hand in a "blinking" fashion to them like others have pointed out.
    Just make sure it's not your throttle hand. :wink:
  11. Thats what I do when riding with newbies that forget their indicator.
  12. Come from behind, slap him across the back of his helmet and turn the next corner in the opposite direction that his indicator was on.

    If he doesn't chase you he prolly wasn't worth saving.
  13. +1 Always works for me.
  14. Bwhahahahahaha

    I must give it a try next time, I will let you know how it works out.
  15. haha i had to make hand signals today.... but to someone in a cage, because the lights wouldnt set off, so when someone finally pulled up behind me i moved right forward so they could set the lights off but she didnt come that far forward, so after a half minute i turned around and signalled for her to move forward... she got the idea and the lights went green shortly after! :) hand crazy how hand signals work to people who have no idea what you're actually trying to say but still pick up what you're saying....
  16. Exactly, hand signals are the bomb...I mean the deaf can communicate a language with them so I'm pretty sure we can make crude indicatory gestures, eh?

    Personally I'd either do the flashing thing or give them a beep or two if there wasn't room to get in front. You see it commonly enough as well, and it doesn't take much to forget - especially if riding a bike with finiky cancelling, or a system you aren't used to.

    Of course, holding a wheelie alongside them whilst patting your indicator would get their attention for sure! Haha...

    Cheers - boingk
  17. The way I figure it, if they recently got their license, then there's an excellent chance that their instructor would have taught them a similar signal for a flashing indicator. It's also far more likely that a rider who didn't get their license recently, won't make that mistake ;)

    Other than that, they'll figure it out when they next pull up, or try to turn... then they'll get embarassed for making an obvious mistake, they'll shut it off, and they'll vow to pay more attention to it next time ;)
  18. that guy had to of been me

    i do it so often :( haha