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Indicator Signals.

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by jaems, Mar 31, 2009.

  1. Hi guys, I just got my L's recently and it was my first major ride onto the roads today. The first 10 minutes or so my indicators were working and all of a sudden 30minutes later they stopped working but the catch is, it was working like maybe 5% of the time after the first 10 minutes so my question is would it be something to do with the wiring? or could it possibly be the fuse being blown? When I first purchased the bike the indicators were working perfectly till now..


  2. Need more info.

    1) what type of bike?

    2) did they not light up at all, or did they light up and stay on?

    3) was it both sides?

    4) if you leave the switch on for a minute or two with the bike running, do they eventually start working?
  3. it's a Honda CBR 400, they did light up for maybe 4 times that I used it that night and that was basically just as I went to ride from the start, afterwards it didn't blink at all while leaving the switch on. I stopped at my friends house leaving the blinker on for about 2-5minutes on each side and none of them were working it wasn't showing the turn signals on the dial as well (being the engine running or off). After the coffee run about 40minutes later it worked once with the switch being on and hasn't worked since.
  4. sounds like the "flasher can" to me

    or a poor connection in the switch
  5. New CB400 or old grey import? If it's new, take it back for the dealer to check, if it's old, check all your connections re indicators, inc earth, switchgear, if that doesn't help, replace flasher can, you can get a generic one from supercheap for about $12.

    Hope this helps! :grin:

  6. not new :wink:
  7. Yeah, I should read the question properly :grin:
  8. hmmm thanks alot guys!

    I got the bike roadworthy about a week and half ago from geoff taylors and looking at the receipt I can see that they've changed the flasher can so i'm going to call them up and ask.
  9. just checked the flasher can again and when I moved the wires connected to it around the indicators started to light but it doesn't flash? could this be a ground issue? if so does anybody know where it is situated on a the CBR 400.

    The place that did the roadworthy told me to bring the bike in on Friday morning but I'm afraid there going to charge me big labor.
  10. Could be a broken wire/bad connection in the leads to the flasher can. Try selective wriggling to try and isolate which wire/connection is the one causing the problem.