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indicator not working

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Jandrew, Dec 30, 2007.

  1. Hey all

    I went for a ride today and it turns out my left indicator is not working, it just stays on solid and only the front one.
    Its a honda nsr150 sp, i changed the globe to see if that was the prob and it still happens.
    Has anyone got any ideas?


  2. Check fuses although if the other indicator is working it probably isn't that. Also it could be the rear indicator that could be causing the problem as they are on the same circuit so check the rear bulb. After that I would be checking wiring for any damage or possible shorts then if nothing can be found there, check the switch on the handle bar.

    Good luck, electrical problems are a pain in the arse to find so its just a matter of trial and error until you get a result.
  3. i would be 99% sure there is a problem with the rear indicator somewhere
  4. Check all earths , if you have already replaced the globe i would be more inclined (after ruling out earths etc ) to think that maybe flasher can is Knackered .
  5. Wire probably became disconnected. Check under the seat, thats where mine used to come out - happened once or twice from the disc lock touching it.
  6. I had similar symptoms with the right indicator on my bike. And I tried changing the globes too. I found the problem to be one of the connections, near the front indicator, just inside my fairing. I know they're different bikes, but I can't imagine them being too different. Leave your left indicator on, and gently play with the connections. If like mine, the indicator starts working, find a way to maintain that connection. I used electrical tape, and it's never happened again. Good luck, mate.
  7. Thanks for all the replies, just got home from work and it seems to be working again, which meants it is an intermitant problem (spelling) so i am thinking a cable is loose..

    This gives me something to do tomorrow :D

  8. Jandrew,

    Its always a good idea to get a copy of wiring diagrams of your bike off the net (some are attached to the back of workshop manuals if your that way inclined). I just had a problem with my headlights and using the wiring chart I was able to trace and fix the problem (when bike shops couldn't!). On a previous bike I had the same problem as you and it was found in the harness connector so I just by by-passed the connector and joined wires together and never had a problem.... sounds like the same thing here as it is intermittent and connection is not always made. :grin: A good Earth is very important also :cool:
  9. Except that wouldn't explain why the front comes on without blinking and the back does not even come on. The blinker can works on one whole side at a time - the wiring is split after the can, on all vehicles I have ever seen, 4 and 2 wheeled.

    Blown globe or bad connection to the back lamp.

    The NSR150 does not use frame earthing - all connections are double wired for power and return.


    Trevor G
  10. Start at the most likely place - the globe itself, followed by the socket. With the intrusion of moisture the sockets can just go high in resistance.

    Remove and replace the globe. Try another globe if inconclusive. Buy a test light ($4 or so) and see if the conenction is live at the socket.


    Trevor G
  11. The last time I drove through Sydney I dont think anyone's indicators were working. Must be something in the water. :grin:
  12. 97 Honda XR250 flashes “Front and dash on, rear offâ€, then “front and dash off, rear onâ€. Both of these being Honda, this could be worth remembering.
  13. That's definitely unusual and not the way the NSR150 works.

    The lead to the left rear blinker is possibly fitted over the top of the tool tray - it's a fraction short, so I would also check this connection is pushed all the way home.

  14. Hey all, thanks for the tips, took it to a mates today and we pulled the rear fairing off and low and behold the cable had come out of the socket, all works now :D:D
  15. In cars, if one globe is blown / not connected the other will stay on solid (along with the dash light) to let you know theres an issue. Seems the same is true for bikes.
  16. That's funny - any car I have ever driven flashes at twice the normal rate when a globe blows.


    Trevor G
  17. Haha i think a lot of souped up P-Platers have been drinking too much of that water.... :p