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Indicator not working - electrical help needed

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by ROZEE, Jul 31, 2007.

  1. I noticed yesterday that my left indicator is not working properly, instead

    it doesn't work at the front at all and blinks frantically on the rear. I'm

    hoping this is something simple so I can fix it myself. I

    had a quick look to see if there was anything noticeabley wrong but didn't

    want to start pulling things apart.

    My bike is a Sachs madass 125cc and only has about 500km on it.

    Any help would be appreciated!

    Thanks Rozee
  2. Sounds to me like something simple, probably a blown bulb in your front indicator.
  3. True, but then why would the back indicator be blinking super fast?
  4. Your front indicator will be blown, this will make the rear blink twice as quickly.

    All you need to do is open up the indicator (usually just a screwdriver), whip into a servo with your bulb and graba new one.

    Problem solved!!
  5. Oh wow that sounds easy!

    Thanks alot for the help :grin:
  6. Blown indicator or bad earth on it. The reason why it's flashing so rapidly is without the current draw of both globes it can trigger the single globe twice as often.

    usually an easy fix.
  7. If you don't want to do it yourself or pay for it I supposed you can take it back under warranty.
    I'm guessing it's new being 500kms old.
  8. If you need help with it bring it down to friday night coffee club when the vics are here...

    Then again maybe not - that may be a very scary introduction :p
  9. Yeah it's still under warranty just didn't really wanna take it in for such a small reason! I reckon I'll get a new bulb and do it myself...thanks everyone
  10. I've had varying weird problems with indicators on various bikes over time, and every time - aside from when a globe was blown - a new flasher relay was needed. These are very prone to failure - my lastest replacement was needed two months after the previous one was installed!! (on a big single which shakes, rattles and rolls!). At $5 from Autobarn it's worth checking that out as well.
  11. How is the Sachs then? They look like as much fun as you can get out of 125cc. Our house wants one.
  12. How is the Sachs then? They look like as much fun as you can get out of 125cc. Our house wants one. I do hear some bad things about the quality of the electrics though.
  13. The rapid flash bit is almost certainly a blown globe.

    Modern flasher units are specifically designed to do that so you know you've got a lamp out.

    In fact, it's an ADR requirement.
  14. My 1999 ZZR250 just leaves the working blinker on when one is out, and it's not an import.