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indicator mods

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by YUTRYN, May 1, 2008.

  1. i changed my standard big bulky indicators to the small carbon look ones available off ebay (great looking and price) but now my lights wont flash at all no matter what revs the bike is sitting at i didnt change any wires except for cutting and soldering right near the old lights
    does anyone have any ideas ...oh yeah the new ones are not led's
    and the bike is 85 rg250


  2. Did they come with bulbs in them?
  3. Some flasher cans rely on a certain amount of load to make them flash. If the load of the new lights is too small it will not flash.

    If you have a multimeter check the resistance of the old globe and the new globe and see if there is much difference between the two. If so you may need to add some dummy load into the circuit or change the flasher can for an electronic one.

    Hope that helps.
  4. yes they did come with bulbs in them and thanks i will check the loading
    if it is the loading ca i put a resistor inline?
  5. Just buy a new flasher unit, either 2 pin or 3 pin(Dependant on the bike) buy a non-load sensitive flasher unit. I got mine off the shelf at super cheap for like ~$10

    No need to fcuk around with resistors that way
  6. I tend to agree with Duff_boy, a new flasher unit is the easiest solution. The Electronic ones are not sensitive to load. If you do go down the added resistor path then you need the resistance in parallel to the globe not in series. If it is in series it will lower the brightness of the indicator.
  7. I got LED's all round on my bike and got an LED flasher unit from eBay (works 100%)
    Im guessing it’s just the same type as what Duff_boy was on about, and it dose save having to put in rather large resistors (you also have to watch where you put them as they tend to heat up a bit too)

    To start with I used to only have rear LED’s and the original globes in the front (and the original flasher unit)
    To get them to flash at the correct speed ,I was running in parallel 2x “10w10o†resisters per side I don’t know if you will need as high or if you need to double it as I only had 2 out of the 4 not giving the right load to the flasher unit . Mind you it has not been said if you have LEDs
    And I would not think running smaller globes (unless there not the same wattage globes) would stop the flasher...If it is the case trying to find the same wattage globes to fit the new indicators that was the same wattage as the old globes may be the best way to fix the problem
  8. yeah ive had the same thing with those lil indicators its funn too because the globes even tho smaller have the same watt and voltage as the bigger ones...