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Indicator display light is going stupid

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by I Adore Vic, Mar 29, 2007.

  1. Hey all, Hoping someone here might know what's going on and also whether this problem is something that is covered under the warranty.

    Riding home tonight and I indicated to turn and the display light flashed - as it does - but when I pressed the button to cancel the indicator, the indicator itself stopped flashing but the display light started going stupid and flashing really fast....lighting me up like a xmas tree.. No matter how many times I pressed the button, the light wouldnt stop flashing. Eventually it did, although I thnk my button pressing/smashing had nothing to do with it - every now and then the light would come back on - and then turn off.

    Does anyone know what could be causing it? The bike's going in for a service at 9am tomorrow - I'll get them to fix the problem but I'd like to know whether it's covered by warranty.


  2. Covered by warranty, but if it's a faulty globe it won't be, also sounds like something wrong with the wiring, also maybe some water has got into the switch.
  3. Ta Steve. :)

    I was thinking it might have something to do wtih the wiring - or water - because it was sensitive to bumps or a turn of the bars.
  4. ask them about the regulator as they can stuff up the whole system and it's funny what is the tell tail system can be.

    get it in writing!
  5. Thanks Jeff. Not sure what you mean though! :oops:
  6. When I had my Virago, a mechanic (not from the dealer) told me that the regulator (that's the thing that "regulates" the volts/amps to the bikes system) overheats, breakdowns and the resulting surging etc can (and did) stuff the entire electrics.

    He said they overheat and an aftermarket regulator with cooling fins should be installed. I told my dealer this and they laughed it off and sure enough a couple of months later and after a couple of new batteries, the entire system "blew up" resulting in new CDI unit, all globes etc being needed.

    Didn't get it writing and they did not honour it under warranty.

    I got over it and I now tell everyone to stay away from FREEDOM MOTORCYCLES at Brookvale!

    I am not saying that this is your problem, but ask the question.

  7. That's right..I remember you writing up something about that. Thanks Jeff...I'll keep that in mind should I have any further probs with it.

    It wasn't doing it this morning but I told the guys and they seem to think it may have been water in there.
  8. hey rosie, let me know what they say. I have the same model
  9. Hey V6 - I'll post up a new thread in regards to this prob and others I experienced on the wknd. :)