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Indicating problems vtr1000f

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Chrisco7689, Feb 25, 2009.

  1. hey i own a 2000 firestorm, she is parked out side in the weather i normally have a cover on her but been lazy past couple of days. it has been raining here pretty much on and off for 3 months solid.

    well my problem is when ever i try to indicate "sometimes" the indicators wont activate when i flick the switch and i have to hit the switch a few times to get it to activate. i though maybe my bike got water in the controls but when i have the bike turned off and try the indicators i can her the (thing that makes that annoying indicating sound) click really fast with no indicators working.

    then i push the buttons a few more time and the indicators come on and the sound is the normal tempo.

    i have also found when i go out for big rides.. (4-5 hrs) normally 1 hr in to riding the indicators work each time every time.. with rarely any problems..

    the battery looks like the original battery (its a Honda battery) but it has plenty of charge.

    what can i do? it seems to slowly be getting worse only use to be one side not working properly now its both.

    i should mention i changed the headlight bulb to a brighter halogen bulb with the same wattage.. but the indicator problem was before that.

    thanks chrisco

  2. Indicator problems are often earthing problems. check all the earths are good in the indicator circuits.

    Also change some bulbs for good luck. Sometimes they don't completely blow. It may be the glass portion is not fused properly to the metal seat or the filament has blown but partially rewelded itself.

    Get a bulb and swap it through all 4 indicators for good measure.
  3. Intermittent fault like that sounds like a bad connection somewhere. Check they are all clean and tight.

    Not dismissing the idea but if it was a faulty globe I would expect that it would affect one side only. You didn't mention if this was the case but if both sides are affected I suspect something else.

    Could also be a faulty switch. Might be worth checking that with a multimeter.

    Could also be the flasher unit is faulty.

    Have fun. Intermittent faults can be a bastard to track down and intermittent electrical faults are the worst.
  4. thanks guys, ill check all the connections tomorrow if it doesn't work i might have to bug my dad who so conveniently happens to be a Auto electrician.
  5. If things improve after a long ride I'd suggest you've got a bad connection or two that get worse when damp and the long ride dries things out. If it was originally on one side only then its probably not the flasher unit. Pull each connection off (especially earths) and spray with wd40 before reconnecting. If any are loose, pinch carefully with pliers to tighten (before reconnecting). If all that fails its the switch. If you feel confident, pull it apart and clean the contacts. If not, spray with wd40 and cross your fingers.
    Try not to leave the cover on after wet weather as the moisture will be trapped under it and as the temp goes up and down through a day condensation will get into the switches.
  6. Hi Chris, Clean the battery terminals, :) She used to do this to me after sitting around with no usage too, The battery is the original one and it used to take about 20mins for all the elecs to work properly if I rode it straight out and let the bike charge itself. I used to disconnect the battery if it was going to sit for more than a week and give it a trickle charge the night before a ride.
    But used daily she never played up at all.

    Did you get that email I sent you a month or so ago ?
  7. update

    after checking all the bulbs and connections yesterday with no luck i took apart the switch and instantly found the problem.. i swear there was about 100mls of water sitting in that switch lol

    so i just dissembled the entire switch and cleaned each component then used a hair dryer and dried the switch case. re-resembled and works perfect each time every time..

    thanks for the suggestion guys

  8. Hair dryers are OK but just remember to take it easy with the hair gel.