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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by N2O, Aug 15, 2006.

  1. Damn I hate people.
    I nearly got sandwiched in the middle lane on the monash, not once, but TWICE today. The cars were slightly in front of me, and just started merging together into my lane, about to squash me. Neither of them indicated, and I don't think either of them headchecked.

    I think now I can see the drivers who I need to stay away from. I will NEVER go near a P-plater as none of them can drive for shit. They never indicate and they will cut you off.

    AND! What's with those people who think it's cool to intimidate us P-plater riders? Do they think we haven't had some fcukhead in an SS commodore close pass us ever before? Do they think it's new, and different to tail gate us? Or if you're splitting up towards an intersection and some fcukhead in a commodore or monaro will just turn slightly into the middle, making it impossible (or just more difficult :p) to get past?


  2. So they don't check mirrors while driving but they do when they are stopped to stop you lane splitting...

    Sounds about right i guess

    car drivers don't hate you...... they just don't care.
  3. They just do.

    I see a lot of the same from us about car drivers, hating them for the sake of hating them.

    My dad's girlfriend thinks it's because car drivers see us come 'out of nowhere', and it scares them. I think she's right to a degree.
  4. OK, so this is fantasy, right, not anything it would be remotely smart to actually do... but I've always thought a ball peen hammer in a little holster down the side of the fork would be a great attention-getter for those who drive stupidly... Just a little knock on the roof, right, just to get their attention before we remonstrate in calm tones? :D
  5. They are legally obliged to check for us, correct?
  6. It's all part of the joy's of riding, just remember you will never get dimentia because you have to think for all those drivers who don't as weel as for yourself.
  7. +1 blame the people not the cars

    they dont their just jealouse of you having fun while getting from a to b. Where as they are caged animals with little or now idea what the hell is going on outside thier aircon bubble. They dont hate you their dumb...
  8. I believe so, yes.

    I'd correct it to "They are legally obliged to check for others, correct?", though.

    Technically, you shouldn't change lanes without checking mirrors and a head check. That goes for all machines (with the probable exception of trucks and other large vehicles, but not 4WDs)
  9. It is not that they hate you.
    It is that there own pathetic excuse for a life means the only joy they can get is by causing other people grief.
    Unfortunately in this case you were enjoying your self and they saw that as an affront to there own misery.
  10. OK...

    I'm still on my green P's. I've always looked out for riders. Always head check.

    What I think about the guys in the V8 commodores and fords is that they're jealous. Very few cars out there that can match the acceleration of a decent bike. The realisation that they just pumpes 80k into a car that's not as powerful as a mid-range bike must sting just a little. So they do stuff like this to spite us.

    Of course I'm just a little paranoid :p
  11. It's true, though.

    One of the satisfactions my bf takes in riding is beating morons like that off at the lights (without even trying), then watching them go screaming past at some stupid speed and being able to say that they're only overtaking because they're speeding.
  12. I tend to read their body language and the situation in front of them and try and predict what their next move might be. It's sort of like mind reading and gambling.
  13. Some cagers are dickheads and some bike riders are dickheads. But i will say this it not personal I drove for 20 years before getting my bike and its not that they hate you its that they don't see you.

    Yes I am now a lot more aware of bikes because of experience.

    Some cars your spidey sense tingles and you stay away, feel the force luke and use it. Sounds daft I know but after a while you get a feel for traffic. One of my early mentors on a bike said to me to look at the flow of the traffic like a river and it seems to have worked so far. :cool:
  14. Dude you are in their blind spot, wake up and live.
    Travel either in front of traffic or behind it, if you are beside them it should be only momentarily as you are passing them with gusto to find your own space of road.

  15. I remember on the VF coming up beside a rumbling 930 Porsche. I noticed the window was down. So I said "Hey mate?"
    "Why didnt you get something fast" Evil grin and blast off. Timed it perfectly too.
  16. Here is Tassie, indicating seems totally overrated...the other morning I watched the driver behind me follow me around 5 corners in a row...and not once did the little orange flasher get a work out! Amazing..and frustrating...
  17. They don't just hate you... they hate us all equally.
    It's our ninja biker skills that need to be honed you see. The ninja has many good traits; we're rarely seen, we have lightning reflexes and we move quickly. Now this is where is gets complicated...

    1. WE'RE RARELY SEEN! Fat load of good thats gonna do us on the roads.
    2. WE HAVE LIGHTNING REFLEXES; this is about the only one we have working for us whilst on the road.
    3. WE MOVE QUICKLY; unfortunately with the 'Flash for Cash for Bracks' campaign, and the disagreements with the boys in blue... this one doesn't work for us very well.

    So you see... we're doomed!
  18. Oh, that's classic. Thanks for the tip.

  19. +1

    you can't put yourself in a worse position. i have ridden on the monash to and from uni twice a week (..when i bother going) for the last 2.5 years and no-ones ever cut me off <not once!> don't give them a chance to swerve into you, stay out of their blind spots and don't ride next to them when possible.
  20. Its the same old argument - EDUCATION.

    I know when i was going for my car license years ago, there was never a single mention of sharing the road with motorcycles (or cyclists or pedestrians for that matter).

    Until people start getting taught how to drive rather than how to pass the test, it will remain the same.