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Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Jimmy37, Aug 9, 2015.

  1. So I was just about to go take a seat on the couch and get ready for an hour of racing...when I remembered that this round is in America, so it wont be airing until early tomorrow morning :(

    Anyone else getting up early to watch it? Keen to see Rossi pull something out of his tailpipe and smash the hondas.
  2. Just set the alarm. Not looking forward to the early wake up but I'm sure it'll be worth it
  3. What a race... Well worth the early wake up!

    I thought lorenzo was going to fall off his bike in surprise when he saw marquez take him!
  4. Vale still in the hunt. Should be a very interesting end to the season with MM back in the mix and DP getting some sort of form back.
  5. Great to see Alex Rins get his first Moto2 win. Great race too.
  6. What time was it on - I scoured the guide and couldn't find it damn it
  7. It started at 3:30 am. There is usually a replay
  8. If 3am is too late for you, don't worry. Channel 10 is being thoughtful for you and replaying the race at a much earlier time of 2am on ONE.
  9. And to think that people truly believe this Yamaha rider is better than Hailwood. Lol. Dreaming much. Glad he didn't get the win and glad it's looking pretty good for him not to win his 10th title either. Then hopefully he retires and takes all the non motorcycle riding motogp 'fan's with him and the races can then once again become about the race not the spectacle
  10. Mike the bike was certainly a unique talent and individual...... and the TT comeback was what dreams are made of.

    Personally I have no problem with Vale or his fans. He was/is certainly a character when the sport needed one.
    Whatever anyone thinks of him personally - his record is pretty damned impressive....... and his enthusiasm after what he's already achieved is admirable.

    Lol, Will we be saying the same about Marquez in ten years time? :(
  11. Another fine ride from Crazy Joe, beat Dovi yet again, and first in behind the works riders....
  12. It's pointless comparing riders from different generations. The bikes, tyres, tracks, everything was different. Today's riders might not be able to adapt to skinny tyres and two-strokes, and Mike and the others would surely have struggled with bikes with over four times the power of what they rode. Let's leave each generation's heroes as just that....
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  13. That's a nice line Hornet. Agreed.