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Indian Top Gear

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by tonee, Dec 23, 2010.

  1. #1 tonee, Dec 23, 2010
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  2. Nice one, I lol'd all the way through...
    So many great lines in there, but I think my favourite was "Now, which one of these bikes makes you look cool?"
  3. This guy raises a pet peeve of mine. Unfortunately, he's advocating digital consoles, whereas I'm against them, specifically when the speedometer and occasionally tachometer are incorporated into them.

    Firstly, they're tech for tech sake, another LCD matrix to crack or fail. Secondly, they can be hard to see in direct sunlight (e.g. the digital tachometer on the 04-06 FZ6, subsequently ditched). Thirdly, I prefer good old fashioned analogue dials because they give a better indication of rate of acceleration, and provide a bit of a thrill in going to sides of the dial you've never been to before.
  4. Aaaah, front number plates.

    Cool video though. I love those tiny Asian bikes, they're so much fun considering how little they cost (70,000 Rupee = AU$1,500). Pity they charge so much for 125s here.
  5. I was reading your post in James May's voice - you really are him, aren't you??!!

    I was wondering... Thanks!
  6. if they can ride bikes like they ride horses

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  7. I found myself completely surrounded by Indians once and I was all alone....

    Last time I EVA worked in a call centre!
  8. :rofl:
    Good old Bollywood quality
  9. "6th gear really helps with acceleration" :rofl:
  10. Thats how my posse rolls in India
  11. lol, we're both Luddites to certain extents, that's for sure!

    I noticed that too, but assumed the bloke was confusing sixth gear with a six-speed gearbox. :)
  12. A nation of people who know how to enjoy cheap bullet-proof economical motorcycles...

    ...who's gonna have the last laugh?
  13. It's very macho


    I was waiting for them to ask if I was happy with my long distance provider.
  14. You missed the 'Triple Macho Concept'.
  15. Not just a nation - second most populated one
  16. Soon to be the most populated one as well.
  17. How funny, i have the producer on the my facebook haha, i met him in Mumbai next year, real nice guy who gets to drive some awesome cars =D>
  18. Is Hindu time not consecutive?
  19. "i want a bike that roars when it starts up and it doesn't whine..."

    excuse me... but you're on a 150cc!! what the hell!?!?
  20. i also love their motorcycle gear, and how they stay on one side of the road....

    or not