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Indian telemarketers aren't the only a'holes

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by gegvasco, Sep 16, 2006.

  1. Had to get the redeye from Darwin yesterday - 01:30 out of Darwin, arriving Sydney 06:30, after working all day. Ended up getting to bed about 10am after having 4 hours sleep in the previous 50+ hours. Guess who rings at 12:00. Telstra telemarketers asking if I wanted to change back to Telstra. It was an Australian woman on the phone. No. OK, she said, thanks for your time. Good, no big pressure sales talk. So I go back to sleep.

    4 hours later I get another phone call. It is another Australian Telstra telemarketer!
    "Would you like to change back to Telstra because we have a lot of great pac-"
    "Stop there mate, I just got one of these phone calls a couple of hours ago and said I wasn't interested. I have come off shift and I am trying to get some sleep"
    "Oh, really. OK." and that I thought would be enough, especially as I had pointed out that I was trying to get some sleep after being up all night and this was the second time they had woken me. BUT NO!
    "We really have some good packages if you have a few minutes..."
    and then he started his sales patter. F^&* ME! I was amazed.
    "IN HOW MANY F&*^ING WAYS AND HOW MANY F*&^ING TIMES DO YOU WANT ME TO SAY NO!!!" and I hung up.(don't mess with the sleeping bear, he may wake up grumpy)

    I'm sure he was thinking "I'm just trying to do my job" but if they are going to push people like this then they better expect to cop this in return. I don't see how this can be an effective marketing strategy to push. I am now extremely pissed off with them and out of spite it will be a long time before I even waste a second looking at what they have to offer.
  2. What is a Telstra? :LOL:
  3. LOL. Oh, please....don't tease me. :LOL:
  4. Years ago when I did shift work I used to divert my phone to the "time" so whenever someone rang all they got was;

    "at the 3rd stroke it will be xxx precisely"

    I removed our number from "the database" that is used by telemarkerts so we no longer have that problem.
    Back in the days when it was a problem, I used to say;
    "hang on one second please" walk over to the TV, place the phone on top of it and walk away.
  5. It's the first person's fault.
    She scheduled a callback for you, not noting you down as already contacted and note interested.

    It's always the nice ones that are sneaky @$$holes.
  6. We once had an Optus door-knocker rock up to our place when we were living in Frankston. Cat had answered the door and from the other room I heard the rep say "You can't say no".

    That's it! I headed for the front door and confronted this prick. He was pretty much refusing to leave as I told him repeatedly to get lost (and other words to that affect), until I pushed him for his name, which of course he refused to do.

    Later that afternoon he came back. I answered the door this time and the guy started apologising.......

    "I'm sorry. I came on a bit strong back then....."
    "Damn right you did!"
    ".......but I was just so excited about this great deal....."

    "YOU F#@*!'ing IDIOT! Don't turn an apology into a F#@*!'ing sale pitch!"

    The closest I have ever come to decking someone.
  7. We had the same Telstra cable sales guy come around to the house 3 times in 5 months, selling the same shit. Third time around, I just said straight up to go away, I was not interested, before he even started talking. He tried to talk his way in through the gate, so I summonsed the dogs.....he went away.
    Another good trick is to say nothing when they are talking to you, they can't sell to you if you don't answer.
    I am not sure what they are training these people, but it doesn't sell product.

    Regards, Andrew.
  8. Call up telstra's marketing centre and get yourself removed from the marketing system....

    They have an option which the automated voice reads out.
    I found it amusing - it does sound like a stalker....
  9. One of the cats used to be really good at attacking the door to door sales people, as soon as you said no and they continued to talk the cat would launch himself onto their legs. :LOL: He doesn't do it now, very annoying.

    Although I like the phone calls better because they always ask for my mummy or daddy, it can be fun stringing them along.
  10. i switched phone companies 3 times in a month and somehow, somewhere i got a free month of phone calls because i didnt get a bill.
  11. I get the odd phone call from Optus...
    "Hi! We notice you have an Optus mobile phone!"

    "Yes I do! I'm very happy with it. We have Telstra cable internet and Telstra home phone because Optus don't do cable in our area and my folks own the landline, so I have no say in that.
    Does this save you some time?"

    "Yep! Thanks!"


    The last 2 have cracked up laughing and thanked me straight away :)
  12. haha brilliant!!

    If you ever get called up about those "free prizes" for attending a seminar for an hour and a half. for the sake of sweet merciful crap, do NOT say yes. 90 mins and scoring $100 of dinner vouchers ended up costing me an my missus about 2.5 and heading to three hours of our time. The first thing i said after i left was, "if i give these vouchers back, do i get those three hours returned?"

    still got the vouchers 2 months later, unused. and now i get more junkmail to throw away. i should really call 'em up and get off their junktrail.

    oh and dont get me started about cold callers. Had a few, the guys seem to be the worst and the most arrogant, i got a call 2 hours into a nap after working a shift about "great prices that are on offer" i said im sorry, i was asleep, and i am not interested, possibly in a slightly over snappy tone. I got the meekest, "oh ok, thankyou" from her before she hung up. That's the only time i ever felt bad at snapping at a cold caller.
  13. You could always try asking them if they have accepted Jesus Christ into their lives as their Lord and Saviour. Because if not, you have some Good News for them.

  14. I love going to those, always get the free crap with a minimal amount of time spent.

    I'm always interested in how the scam works. It's amazing, those trendwest guys get like a 20% conversion rate, with even more on a friday night (end of working week, people dreaming of holidays)
  15. i have a big black lab that looks a bit like a rotty and sounds quite nasty (he's a bit inbred) i used to open the door and he'd chase them up the road. good fun! :grin: :twisted: :grin:
  16. i have a big black lab that looks a bit like a rotty and sounds quite nasty (he's a bit inbred) i used to open the door and he'd chase them up the road. good fun! :grin: :twisted: :grin:
  17. I just go "no thanks" and we've never had someone call back. You can pick when it's gonna be some overseas telemarkerters cause it takes a second or so for the call to connect on their end, more than enough time to hang up.
  18. I was in Melbourne all last week, with the mobile as my only line of contact.

    By the end of the week, due to my not answering it when I was riding, visiting, etc, I had 9 missed calls, all flagging their originating number as 'withheld'

    Needless to say the law of averages caught up with me eventually, and it turned out to be Telstra, trying to get me to change plans..... He seemed quite disappointed when I didn't want to talk to him, seeing how many of the drones had wanted to talk to me :LOL:
  19. Silent home and mobile, number off as many lists as possible, sticker over doorbell and post office box. It all adds up to maintain, but we rarely - if ever get bothered. Kinda miss the fun I had with them. I've done marketing door-to-door previously, good money in it for top performers but I hated it.
  20. Thats a good one. Once, my friend (when we were sharing a house many years ago) had jsut gotten out of bed after a particularly hard night on the piss and noticed a rep about to knock, so he opens the door - reeeking of bundy (ugh!) - and stands listening to this poor swine, naked but for his robe flapping open and a durrie hanging out of the mouth. He just stood there scratching himself and the rep gave up fairly quickly. I wish I had a camera.