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Indian Premier League Auction

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by GOOSH, Feb 21, 2008.

  1. been looking at the auction and some of these teams are going to be awesome. the best players in the world playing with and against each other is going to make for some excellent cricket and thanks to channel 10 we get to watch it.

    current list of teams
    Chennai Superkings
    Suresh Raina
    Mahendra Singh Dhoni
    Joginder Sharma
    Albie Morkel
    Parthiv Patel
    Stephen Fleming
    Jacob Oram
    Mathew Hayden

    Irfan Pathan -$925,000
    Sreesanth- $625,000
    Brett Lee - $900,000
    Kumar Sangarakka
    Mahela Jayawardane

    VVS Laxman - team captain
    Adam Gilchrist
    Scott Styris
    Shahid Afridi
    Andrew Symonds 1,300,000
    RP Singh - 875,000

    Shoaib Akhtar (Pakistan),
    Ricky Ponting (Australia),
    Brendon McCullum (New Zealand),
    Chris Gayle (West Indies),
    Ajit Agarkar (India) and
    David Hussey (Australia).

    thats only a few of the teams
    by looking at the current lists, i reckon hyderabad, chennai and kolkata look like strong teams
    for more up to date teams go to

  2. this has turned me off cricket !
  3. Me too Micky
  4. Very interesting. I notice Symonds went for the second highest cost, Ponting went for very little. Who's idea was it to put Harbhajan Singh and Symonds on different teams? I would have thought it would be a great opportunity for the international community to share their skills. I think Symonds could have taught Singh a thing or three :twisted:
  5. So how come these over-paid primma-donnas now have enough time in the year to play for pots of money when they've spent the last couple of years whining about the stress of their schedules and how over-worked they are :roll:?
  6. For $1.3Mil for 8 weeks 'work' I'd build a bridge and get the fluck over it too :)

    I think playing just for the love of the game sadly went out the window some time ago Paul.
  7. I am totally against current Australian Team players playing in this competition. Like Paul said, they have spent the last 3 or so years complaining that their schedule is too hectic and they are playing too much cricket.

    Now they all suddenly have plenty of time... of course, not going to Pakistan would help greatly.
  8. Personally, I think that the idea of a Premier League in itself is a great idea, but it needs to be done differently as this current format has the potential to destroy the game.

    So here are my thoughts, garnered from many ales with my brother over the past few weeks:

    Run it for 6 x months of the year in a similar format to the English Premier League, but have a few more teams - say 10? Make it 35 Over games instead of Twenty/20 slogathons, but intersperse the season with 'Cup' fixtures (eg - the FA Cup format) played in the Twenty/20 style. Imagine if players were bought and sold like regular football teams in Europe!

    Ideally, in the 'off-season' (remaining 4 x months with 2 x off for resting) have the International Test matches and SERIOUS one-day fixtures played. This would enable everyone to play for whomever buys them and would also take away the potential 'club vs country' issues that are going to arise from the current IPL in it's current format.

    What do you guys think? I figure the games going this way anyhow, so why not tweak it to keep everyone happy? We can still also have the ICC One-Day World Cup too.
  9. Dougz, the biggest problem I see in your fixturing would be that the two hemispheres have different summers. When we can play cricket in Australia, you cant in England.

    So depending on when you want to hold it there are countries that cannot host test matches.

    Also, I think the whole attraction with this is the shorter style slog-a-thon, which I'm not a fan of.
  10. I find it funny that the people who were outraged at the influence that the Indian's have over the game are now signed to big money teams in India.

    But most of that was ridiculous hype. Fox 8 ran a great 6 episode program over summer called 'An Aussie Goes Bolly'. The host was doing a tour of India that followed the Australian team in the last ODI series in India. It was a mix of a culture/travel/cricket show.

    You got to see the adulation and respect that the Australians have with Indian fans along with their almost maniacal support of their own team. A few of the Aussies helped out with the show and Brett Lee was great.

    Does seem a pity that very well paid international cricketers are willing to forgo an international tour for yet more cash.
  11. People said the same thing about ODIs and 20/20 when they first came in and it hasn't changed the game - just added a new fanbase. It's pure entertainment value, and people enjoy not having to watch 5 days of cricket. I dont mind it cause it means I get to watch even more cricket!
  12. I'm happy, it'll give me something decent to watch, and the Indian's in the OB back in India should be pretty good at telecasting cricket.