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@#$%^& Indian Myna birds

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, Jan 29, 2008.

  1. I've moved into a (rented) hosue whose gutters and eves are owned by several colonies (sounds like half the total Australian population at 5:30am) of Indian Mynas. The owner of the house isn't going to spend any money on it to get rid of them (the house is old) so it's up to me.

    I don't want one of your namby-pamby environmental solutions, and I don't care if it is or isn't humane; they are a vermin-ridden notified pest and I want them gone.....
  2. Try Here Paul.
    Just wait until the young fall down the wall cavaties :mad:
  3. That's a myna information, 2WA :LOL:.
  4. Thats so bad it's funny Paul. I'll pay that one. :wink:
  5. Shoot em. The only good one's a dead one. Feral vermin is all they are, and an environmental disarster to boot.
  6. borrow 3 cats and flick em on the roof.
  7. I have two already, but they're too well-fed, and lazy :(.

    That Hotfoot stuff looks good; I wonder if someone sells it in Australia?
  8. trapping them is the way to go, worst part is disposing the bodies :(
  9. Try this repellent Paul.

    It's certainly available in Australia and I'm told it's good.


    I emailed an acquaintance who was researching animal repellents a few years ago; admittedly he was mainly trying to keep kangaroos away but he's looked at bird repellents as well.

    He also suggested that spraying cat urine around their roosts might also work (but could be a smelly cure ) :roll:
  10. Paul, I have seen Currawongs attack and kill Mynas (it seemed for the fun of it), so encourage them into the area with meat.
    *edit* had an idea, smoke em out of the roof space with a smoker or make a smoky fire!? up there, then seal all the gaps with expanding foam.
    Barriers are the best way.

    Regards, Andrew.
  11. [​IMG]

    don't forget to light it, a common mistake.
  12. I used to use my Brno Mk1 with SCAT rounds on the little bastards, or a friends .177 air rifle. Makes for good fun, and you tend to shoot 10 or so of them and they all piss off. Depending on your area, it could be a genuine option. A .22LR with SCAT rounds sounds little louder than a kids cap gun.

    Little mongrels :twisted:
  13. A few more cats, and let them outside. Might work. Let us know how you get on mate.
  14. air pistols have ways worked for me

    pisol-whip the bastards if they start giving you any cheek
  15. Tony, that looks like the bee's knees; I'll give the guy a call today!!!
  16. I put rat sack in my roof. That slowed them down. They were a bit thinner in the immediate neighborhood after that and they don't come near my place anymore.

    It doesn't effect the natives, because if there are mynas about there isn't natives about.

    As to the land lord, get up him. It is unacceptable to rent a place with vermin.
  17. Yes, IF they are listed as a vermin, then they have to do something about it, OR you are able to spend up to $1000 (check your renteres handbook, or the pdf that was linked in another thread) in resolving the issue and then send the bill to the agent or landlord. :)
  18. Then again, you could ask the lord to shift them to a more rural area ;)