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Indian firm Hero to buy Ducati?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by minglis, Mar 6, 2012.

  1. http://www.motorcyclenews.com/MCN/News/newsresults/General-news/2012/March/mar0512-hero-to-buy-ducati/

  2. Interesting...
  3. OMG! Ducati, Buel and India. The holey trio of unreliability.
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  4. Indian call Centre "Hello can I please be speaking to Mr Mick"
    Me 'yup you are'
    Indian Call Centre "Would changing be you like your motorbike and electricity company i can save you money"
  5. lol - great post - probably wasn't intentional but I like "holey" rather than holy.
  6. Yeah, I guess TATA taking over JLR was bad for the brand....not.
  7. Perhaps, but it's still funny!
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  8. Interesting news.

    Well..better than the company going down & everyone loosing their jobs!
  9. India is one of the few economies that are growing, most western economies are shrinking.

    It's only natural that Indian companies will be looking to invest in known and marketable trade names and companies.

    I wonder how long it'd take to produce a 'new' 450 Ducati sports single from an Enfield :bolt:
  10. Another company 'Bajaj Automobiles' also has 30% stake in KTM.

    Plus Ducati got launched in India recently as well.
  11. Absolutely!
  12. I miss the old unreliable 'hand-crafted' Ducatis, so this is a hopeful sign. It's so boring when you go around a corner fast at night and your headlight stays on.
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  13. *Shudder*
  14. with the germans controlling the italian bike, does this mean we'll end up with a bike that's both stylish AND works??
  15. Given some of the German styling exercises of the past decades (are you there, Mr Bangle?) I'd say reliability is assured......
  16. If they could get the Germans to engineer an Italian styled bike, then hand it over to Honda to actually build you might have the greatest motorcycle ever.

    Or it might just end up overly complicated, unreliable and at the same time devoid of any character.
  17. Didn't Audi buy Ducati not so long ago?