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Indian Curry Night 9/03/05 7pm

Discussion in 'VIC' started by deyago, Feb 23, 2005.

  1. I thought it might be a time for a change of cuisine so I'm proposing a Curry Night. Our venerable admin Mouth gave a rave review of another Bridge road restaurant, The Curry Club, so let's give it a shot...(at least we can blame someone if it's crap :wink: :LOL: )


    When: WEDNESDAY 9/3/05 @ 7pm.

    And place: The Curry Club, 430 Bridge Road Richmond.

    Here's their website for more information: http://curryclub.dining.com.au/store/default.pl

    RSVP here or PM me. I'll make a booking about a week out from the date and if we need to adjust numbers please let me know.

    See you there! :D


    Deyago, watch me sweat!
    Rafiki, make mine an arse-burner :D
    Mouth & Titania
    Lil & Dave
    Jo + 1
    Flymo Rider
    Raffiki's mate Freak, he rides an across, will probably order a salad...
    Trenshadow & Codebluchick, ready with the stretcher
    Novacoder, did someone say curry?
    Tenoq + Koma (Strong Maybes)

    Sir Skuffy - A leaking sick dog who fears the curry :shock: (cancelled)
    Clueless - We fear the mighty curry :shock: (cancelled)
    Untame_me - We fear the mighty curry :shock: (cancelled)
    MartyH - Another curry fearer! :shock: (Cancelled)
    Kidding guys! :p
    Sorry you cannot make it, next time huh?
  2. Always up for a feed of Indian

    Count me in!


  3. Re: Indian Curry Night 8/03/05 7pm

    Does it have to be this particular night/date Jake? Would have LOVED to come, but if you checked the Events Calendar (https://netrider.net.au/calendar/) first you would see that it's the same night as the Netrider Bikemart shopping night, and I already planned on going to that to get some replacement boots.
  4. Just a reminder to check the calender events when posting a new event on the same night. It's great to have a choice but it would be great to get as many people along to the bike mart shopping night.
  5. Damn, you beat me to it Jason.:p

    Do these dinner nights HAVE to be on Tuesdays? Think I might have to organise some for Mondays when i can make it. On the other hand, I might just have a whinge about it :LOL:
  6. An Indian mate of mine eats there all the time & highly recommends it.

    Hey, if he likes it I'm sure it would be good.
  7. i'll come as long as the date is changed casue i wanna do some shopping too
  8. Duly noted peeps, lets make it Wednesday instead.

    If this doesn't suit - bad luck. ;)

    Don't spend all your cash shoppaholics!
  9. Re: Indian Curry Night 8/03/05 7pm

    You getting oversized boots to counter the swollen leg?
    How is the leg going btw?
  10. I'm in. Any excuse to make a pig of myself in front of a large group of people :D
  11. Re: Indian Curry Night 8/03/05 7pm

    They cut the boots off, so need a new pair before can ride again. I see my surgeon next Thur on the 3rd, and should be able to start putting weight on the leg again and start walking. Swelling is now only about 20% more than the standard size of the foot/ankle, and hopefully within a couple of days of weight bearing and walking the swelling will be all gone.
  12. Dave and I are there! The Curry Club do GREAT food! That's about the only Indian place I'll go to anymore.

    :D :D :D
  13. See, Indians and transformers love the place! Told you it was great! :LOL: :p
  14. I'm glad that someone has FINALLY noticed that I have impeccable taste!

    :D :D :D
  15. Problem is, you spend most of your time on the Ducati, so it's almost impossible to tell really. :LOL: :p :p
  16. yay for wednesday night i'm so in...

    wasabi snooters anyone? sorry thats japanese, how about we have some of that instead :D mwhahaha
  17. I can recommend a place called Bhoj - there are actually 2 restaurants owned by the same people, one in Templestowe and the other at Docklands.

    Best Indian food I've ever eaten, by a long way.
  18. Can we expect another face-dive into the food? :shock:

    Don't blame me if you hit a vindaloo :LOL: .