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India wins!

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by arsenalroc, Mar 6, 2008.

  1. thought i just put this up!
    FANTASTIC! :cool: :LOL: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:

    aside from all the controversies.... you have to admit its been an interesting summer of cricket as opposed to aussies smashing everybody!
    interesting fact- india had one player past 30 while aus only had three players under 30 :shock:

  2. If they had lost to a better team I would have said fair call

    But I think the Australian Team probably felt betrayed by the ACB after it basically bent over and took it up the date to appease the Indians rather than stand their ground over the absolute garbage that certain players were allowed to get away with and blatantly lie about. In the end decisions came down to money and the Indian Cricket Board knew the ACB etc would loose large amounts nothing else the game took second place

    Normally a player would be publicly vilified if they bring the game into disrepute I think this time the ACB ought to hang it's head in shame
  3. There sure was a lot of BS in cricket this summer. The aussies haven't really played convincingly since the Sydney Test. Captains must lead from the front, that why this loss belongs to Ponting and the ACB. Might be time for some fresh captancy ideas.
  4. Tendulkar coming good for the finals, and the new bowler Kumar with that low skidding ball he can bowl were what tipped the balance I think. Good on them.
  5. yeah ponting is beginning to sh*t me, i don't know why, he is just so stern and predictable - gets annoying. Hussey FTW
  6. You blokes are on drugs. :roll:

    F**k the Indian cheating scum! We lost because they played the "we're the most powerful and influential cricket board in the world" card and got away with murder accordingly. :evil:

    Replace Ponting???? Good God, grow a brain. :roll:

    From now until the day I die, I sincerely hope that the Indians get smashed whenever and wherever they play. Fcuk I'm angry about this season!!! :mad:
  7. I will never pay any attention to cricket again. I am so glad that the bloody sooky whingers on both sides are pissing off for a fair while.
  8. I didn't notice them playing? How many wickets did they take? Did they make some runs too?
  9. You missed the word 'card' Devnull
  10. So it was the Card that got the wickets, or the runs then?
  11. YEAAAAAAHH! :grin:

    great match, tho. I was on the edge of my seat for the last 2 overs :grin:
  12. I must say, no, it's been some time...

    The BCCI did do alot to distract to aussie players, but they weren't the ones out there with excellent swing bowling making the aussie top order look second rate. Nor were the BCCI hitting high quality bowling to the ropes.

    Hrrrm, maybe not replace, but let Pup or Huss have a go at the role. Why would such a suggestion require one to 'grow a brain'?

    Yes I too am a bit frustrated with the way the summer went, but in some ways they were the better team.