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[India] When a wannabee rider turns evil

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by robsalvv, Sep 26, 2012.

  1. Riders are often accused of being evil, but I think here's one story where it might probably be true. The news article headline tells the story :(

    Helluva place.

  2. its happened here enough times though

    worst nightmare stuff
  3. :? Child kidnapping unfortunately has happened more than it should in a great country like Australia... but I doubt it's ever happened for the purposes of purchasing a motorcycle. What was that stupid kid thinking?
  4. Motorcycle...Lottery money (Graeme Thorne case)...they never have a valid reason. Its the whole "I dont like Monday's" thing. Pretty safe to say he wasn't thinking....at least not sanely.

    I'd rather be the 5 year old kid than the 19 year old girl though :(
  5. More than likely
    But does being greedier make the crime more or less evil?
  6. I don't think he would have :(
  7. All this shows is that people who aren't riders are evil. If the government would give out free motorcycles to everyone we could stop crime overnight.
  8. Yes, free motorcyclists for all! lol

    Evil is evil. It just struck me that the motive was clearly ascribed to wanting a motorcycle, I figured the scruby's of this world would short sightedly make hay with a story like this.
  9. Ah crap, I need to proofread to find all my typos.

    I read it the other way, he is not a motorcyclist yet, it is not being a motorcyclist that caused the evil. If he was already a motorcyclist he would already be too busy riding for crime.
  10. I think we all know in Victoria the headline would have read "Motorcyclist kills boy, rapes 19 year old"
  11. It's hard to measure this based on our own frame of reference. Life in the 3rd world is cheap, stuff like this happens all the time and there's very little the authorities do about it. The people care, but the authorities don't.
    I remember being on a bus winding through the streets of Kampala, Uganda & saw a motorcyclist get caned by a car. The rider was lying on the ground obviously dying, car driver drove of, 1 or 2 people stopped and tried to get some assistance unsuccessfully from police.

    Speaking to a local lady later on, they guy was there for 2 hours before emergency services showed up, no police attended the scene. VERY different life over there.
  12. Pretty sick stuff but there are psycho's everywhere.

    This 19 year old guy IMO wasn't a wannabr rider (as in wanted to buy a bike coz he loved riding but more so wanted a bike to 'fit' in with his peers). His crime should be punishable by death, I think. Which person in his right mind could kill a 5 year old child?
  13. At least a death sentence doesn't involve ongoing suffering. The life sentence that **** victims suffer tends to never end... :cry:
  14. That's really dodgy to say that r*pe victims would rather be dead, and is very inaccurate. In fact it is a bit of condescending put down to the spirit of a number of people I know.

    rant over.
  15. That's different from what I've experienced.

    Agree to disagree
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