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India Trip!!

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by csgup1, Jun 2, 2007.

  1. hey !!!!

    finally decided to upload some photos from my trip to india over summer end of last year.

    lived in india for about 17 years before i moved over here for uni . decided to take a few of my mates back for a road trip around india over summer last year. just so all of you get jealous :grin: heres a list of what i did .....

    got drunk on the beaches of goa. cheap. im talking a double shot of vodka being a dollar fifty with a waiter serving you on the beach .

    ate ridiculous amounts of awesome food!! a few dollars a meal .. cant go wrong.
    went around visiting all the palaces and temples i could find in the northern region

    and to top it all off went Snowboarding in the Himalayas!!!!!!!!
    cant recommend that place enough . lift takes you abt 4000 mtrs high. tickets are abt 15-20 dollars a day . gear hire is abt the same. food abt 10 buck for 3 meals . and accomodation for abt 20 dollars a day for 2 people.

    its one place where you have to go if you are into snow sports. powder cover ranges from abt 15-20 ft end of january.

    neways here are the pictures. theres a story behind each of them . my mate took abt 2000 but could only load abt 60 up. the pictures from the snow are on the last page....

    enjoy and get jealous!!!!:grin:

  2. Great pics, would love to go one day!
  3. awesome pics! are there lifts on the mountain or was it army chopper up? :)

    got any more info on the snowboarding area?
  4. they opened a lift up there just a couple of years ago which takes you all the way upto the top. there are 2 stations. mid station to down is a intermidiate run of abt 3 k's which the snow patrol changes every now and then or you could be brave and take your own route down. the very top is abt 4000 mtrs high and is a double black diamond run. im not very good so i didnt take it. iw as there for abt 10 days and the weather was nice and sunny for the abt 8 of them. theres enough lines you can take to keep you entertained for months . its all abt a fifth of the price youll get for here. only downside is that there is no nightlife( if you consider that a downside). its a pretty quiet town. its in kashmir so people are scared to go there at first but after being there i think its all media hype. felt like one of the safest town in india.

    heres a site if you want more info . if you wanna go up send me a message and ill give you some more info abt stuff.