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[India] India to get a "dob in a bad driver" app.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by robsalvv, Oct 13, 2015.

  1. Authorities in India are releasing a new app that is designed to help road users capture and raise complaints about other road users poor behaviour. India's road safety record is terrible and their road discipline is even worse. But I suppose given these things, they have to try something... it's either going to melt down their servers, cause PR disasters, overwhelm their resources or be a massive success.

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    Mobile app soon to catch traffic violators: NHAI

    Mobile app soon to catch traffic violators: NHAI

    It will be soon available for the citizens so that they can even take a photograph of the vehicle which is speeding or violating any structures relating to transport and press a button to register a complaint against that vehicle

    To check traffic violations, the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) will soon launch a mobile application on which public can make complaints against those doing rash driving, breaching speed limit or involved in any other similar acts.

    To promote road safety and proper highway management, the app will be introduced integrated with transport registration network by December, NHAI Chairman Raghav Chandra said.

    This will take a month or two to create it. It will be soon available for the citizens so that they can even take a photograph of the vehicle which is speeding or violating any structures relating to transport and press a button to register a complaint against that vehicle, he said.

    He was speaking during inauguration a conference on ‘Roadtech: Role of new technologies” by Assocham. “All the complaints will get registered in the ledger pertaining to that vehicle whereupon the police/transport department can take further action about it,” he added.

    Highlighting that human interface pertaining to roads requires collection of data and policing, Chandra also said that the highways body will soon introduce reforms for better highway network management.

    “In the days to come, I hope to be able to introduce reforms to bring about better management, control, policing of our highways network, I feel with more physical intermediation we should be able to bring about something like patrolling to improve the physical management on roads and I think that will have a significant improvement on road safety,” he said.

    He said NHAI was working towards building up a complete information of data bank of all the highways which is called the Road Asset Management System (RAMS) which has already been commissioned for 3,000 kilometres (kms) of roads. “Within the next one year we should have information of the entire 1,00,000 kms of highway network on its every aspect including the encroachment on both sides, quality of the road, width of the road, width of the right of way, issues concerning with junctions and so on,” he added.

    The information collected would help to perk up condition of roads, deal with citizens’ problems, give alerts, guidance and route traffic along different ways and do entire technological management of all the highways.

    He also said that NHAI would strengthen its various institutions that are connected with road safety like the Institute of Highway Engineers, Indian Roads Congress which does the essential standardisation and planning of roads.

    “Overall, with these initiatives I think in next one-two years you will be able to see a substantial and significant institutional difference in the management of roads and for bringing in an era of greater safety and citizen comfort on our roads,” he stressed.

    - See more at: Mobile app soon to catch traffic violators: NHAI
  2. Or cause a massive spike in accidents as drivers take photos of other vehicles and crash o_O
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  3. Shouldn't this be in the funny news section?? :D

    Never gonna happen! Will start off and then slowly wither away - like other projects!
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  4. After my recent experience in Mumbai there is absolutely zero chance this will help things... I'm guessing road rules would be a great start, along with proper roads, signs and signals... very limited over there.
  5. For a country that lets people sit on top of trains and ride a bike with a minimum of 4 people on it i can see how this lovely app would assist.
  6. Is there a prize if you get the most complaints against you? Some would see this as a badge of honour and it may give rise to competition for being the "most often speeding"...
  7. Never underestimate the indignation of the self righteous. ;)

    Interesting idea: here, the authorities couldn't push it, without backing away from the using phones while driving is dangerous message. Also we don't have a dobbing culture, or at least we didn't used to have.
  8. I've seen billboards in the past though - advising people to report drivers who litter etc but now you mention it. It's been a while since I saw any.
  9. In order to report someone for littering, you also have to agree to front up to court as a witness. Who can be arsed?
  10. Just wish they would stop sending the worst 10% over here on 457's to become taxi drivers......
  11. Completely unrelated post to the original thread BUT here's my unrelated post as well - Maybe this what the Balinese think of the 10% of the Australians that go to Kuta and behave like absolute dimwits and idiots. :D
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  12. That doesn't sound correct.

    Your identity would be disclosed in Court however you shouldn't have to "front up to court as a witness." Could not see anywhere on the EPA website where this is stated. What I did find was wrong (outdated) information on this page:

    "The Evidence Act 1958 governs the use of statutory declarations.

    Providing a false statutory declaration is an offence for which significant penalties, including imprisonment, can apply. This law applies to EPA’s litter reporters as well as people completing a statutory declaration to dispute or nominate someone else for a fine."

    For statutory declarations, you refer to Division 4 of Evidence Miscellaneous Provisions Act 1958

  13. Go through the motions of making a report - it has some words around identity and court processes. I could be recalling it wrongly though, so happy to stand corrected.
  14. Step 1 - Vehicle details & time
    Step 2 - Offence location
    Step 3 - Offence & Offender
    Step 4 - Review & submission

    ● I declare that the information contained in this report is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and that I am willing to attend court.

    The information provided in the report is correct however they cannot provide me with an NTA when they do not have any of my personal details.

  15. Snitches are bitches :finger:
  16. One of the things that scares me with this is that it could be enticing to the Victorian Government to do the same, if they could see a lot of options for revenue raising.

    As for our culture not being a dobber culture - I'd expect that this would be used more as a 'revenge' tool by drivers rather than only reporting for real dangerous driving offenses, and of course a revenue tool by the government.

    Real safety once again would take a back step - and it'd have more negative effects with drivers being nervous about every action they do. No one would be game to overtake anywhere anymore, and I'd even expect some drivers to 'bait' others into doing the wrong thing just so they could be pricks and report them. (ie, 80kph on the highway with double lanes until an overtaking lane, and then speed up to 100 just to report someone overtaking them).

    I wish I could have more faith in both our government, and our society. Many good people out there - but it would only take 1% of them to be pricks to really do some damage.
  17. ironic.

    Just read your post and noticed below.:LOL::ROFLMAO::joyful:
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  18. We did have a similar thing here. Rate the plate (from memory). It eventually decended into one bitter individual clicking his tongue at every other road user. I'm guessing he was a bus driver. Many of his whinges were about motorcyclists filtering.

    I must say I was dissapointed that was the on thing I got a mention for.
  19. I lived in Germany many years ago and generally you have to say they were very good drivers. Even I was OK when I remembered to drive on the right.

    They did have a reporting system set up, but it worked two ways. I saw a newspaper report about one particular motorist who had reported multiple others for tailgating and harassment. On looking into these reports the police discovered the same motorist had been reported numerous times for doing 50kph on the autobahn.
  20. When living in KL, I obviously got used to driving in themayhem. I had some work in Berlin. I go in the taxi at the airport and a few ks down the road this german taxi driver is on the brakes (almost throwing me into the front) and the horn, abusing someone. I was completly puzzled because the nearest car was a goo car's length away.

    It's all about perception.