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VIC Independent Riders Group

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by MelbourneMick, May 14, 2012.

  1. I was reading the comedy section (see: letters section) of the Herald Sun (news)paper today.

    I saw there was letter from Damien Codognotto of the Independent Riders Group.

    Is this group more than just on ex-MRA member with an blog?
  2. He has a blog, a fax machine, and an amazing ability to get everybody offside that makes me look like a hack amateur.
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  3. Maybe he should have called it the Independent Riders Association instead and taken advantage of 100 years of brand image building :D.
  4. LMAO at Cheffie. :D

    DC also has an OAM and time and energy. Three commodities, particularly the last two, sorely lacking in Vic motorcycle advocacy.
  5. Cheers guys for the info and laughs
  6. What did the letter say?
  7. quote
    Plenty of room for motorbikes
    OUR carpark squeeze (Herald Sun May 11) is a matter of too many cars and too few parking bays.
    Given you can park five to 10 motorcycles or scooters in just one car space, encouraging commuting on them makes sense.
    Also more bikes means less pollution and congestion.
    Damien Codognotto, Independent Riders' Group, Melbourne
    end quote
  8. Yep.......comedy
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    Maybe he misplaced the apostrophe in rider's.....?
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    as i said it was in the comedy section haha
  11. 10 bikes would be about right,
    The big Limo's that the CEO's use need that size space,
  12. I can't see how you could fit 10 bikes into one car space...
    doesn't seem physically possible.

    or is it.. and someone can point me in the direction of a photo showing this.
  13. [​IMG]

    This any good? I don't have any on hand from Taiwan where they squeeze even more in. Needless to say scooters use less room than bikes...
  14. It just shows heaps of scooters parked together in an angle park... i'm talking about your standard car park.. here such as in behind the mall or something.

    you could fit several on an angle easy yes.. but i'm after a standard park.
  15. Here ya go

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  16. I actually counted one time when I lived there and in Macau they get about 6-8 scooters per car spot, but that is leaving a bit of room.
    Unfortunately, I don't have a photo that clearly shows both car spot and the scooters in it, I just remember.
  17. He also has Dale Maggs and Michael Czjaka as members of the IRG.
  18. [​IMG]
  19. Dale Maggs - that's a name made for spoonerisms....